[SCANS+TRANS] 130213 Yoochun featured in Japanese magazine “Josei Jishin”

女性自身 (Josei Jishin) is a weekly women’s magazine in Japan







Credit: Lynn_6002

[Interview] Yuchun: I resemble free-spirited Tae Yong in “Rooftop Prince”

Yuchun and Rooftop Prince are in Japanese woman’s magazine, Josei Jishin “女性自身” (meaning “Women Themselves”).

Translation of interview:

Improving as an actor with each work, Park Yuchun.
Due to his excellent acting in ‘Rooftop Prince’ as a man from 2 different eras, Park Yuchun received Best Actor Award at the 2012 Korean drama awards. For this work, which part did he put in a lot of effort?

“Acting as 2 different characters, to make each character look genuine, I worked at getting closer to the character. I think that I am similar to Tae Yong. He is free-spirited, not constrained by societal norms and has a broad vision. I myself, this is what I am always seeking. In forming my character, I referred to ‘Final Fantasy X’. It’s a game that I liked when I was living in America and the story has a slight similarity with this drama. The habit that Lee Gak has, of putting his hands behind his back, it was not an instruction from the director, but I thought “A prince would do this” and I did it. This is also a posture that I often have in my ordinary life. (laughs)
This drama has elements like comedy, love and mystery neatly depicted and is really wonderful. You will definitely not be bored!”

Translation: melodysky@ParkYoochunSingaporeFanclub
Shared By: Park Yoochun Singapore FC + JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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