[TRANS] Yoochun Featured in “Hallyu Wave” (Feb Issue) – 3 days in Beijing, popularity witnessed

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From China Magazine “ Hallyu Wave” or “韩流飓风” February issue


He is one of the members of Korean popular group JYJ but he is not only a singer; recently with the drama  <Rooftop Prince> and <Missing You> , in Korea, even in the whole of Asia, he gained viewers’ liking as an actor. In China, his popularity is exploding and he is loved very much by the fans. On 10 January, to attend “China Media Day” hosted by Beijing media authorities, Park Yuchun flew to Beijing. In just a short span of 3 days, with exploding popularity and witty speech, Yuchun left a deep impression on the China media.


Arrived in Beijing like a Land Mine

Because of Yuchun coming to Beijing on 10 Jan, fans reached the airport very early with balloons and banners. One thing very interesting is, in the drama which Yuchun acted in, the female lead captured attention when she wore clothes peg in her hair. To show support to the drama and Yuchun, on that day, fans also wore clothes pegs which attracted attention from onlookers. The moment the idol appeared, the whole airport instantly became a land mine, thousands of fans screaming, the heated atmosphere almost blasted off the airport’s roof.

The footsteps that followed the idol shocked the ground. With Park Yuchun were 4 bodyguards. Countless frenzied fans made this guest, who came to China capital airport for the first time for an individual activity, surprised and extremely happy. Because of him, the area was in chaos even though the airport sent security guards to control but it was in vain. Throughout the journey, Yuchun was smiling, nodding and waving to the fans, causing another round of screaming and chasing. The short journey in the airport could not satisfy the fans that had waited so long. Thousands of fan chased to the 1st level transfer point, but Yuchun had left the place swiftly, fans at the transfer point were still looking around, showing his exploding popularity.


Quick Mind Startled the Press

11 Jan afternoon, at Marriot Hotel, Park Yuchun had a short but detailed “China Media Day” activity. For this activity, many media personnel were invited and divided into 2 sessions for publishing media and internet TV media to have a question and answer session for China media concerns. During the press conference, Park Yuchun displayed his humour and wit (ability to respond well and fast) which caused the reporters to become his fans and encouraged him. Between the 2 sessions, he spent time accepting interviews from Sina and CCTV3; the schedule was full. We can see, one day before the activity, he was still rushing to film and from the shooting location he immediately came to China. Yuchun looked extremely exhausted. But he was in a very good mood and full of energy. He expressed that this time he is thankful to meet the China media and hope in future, in China, he can receive satisfying scripts and hold more fan meetings in more places. In addition, he hoped the ending for popular drama that is showing in China now to be a tragedy. He also revealed he likes lamb kebabs and drink Shuijingfan. For this trip, he also specially requested his assistant to bring him to eat Beijing duck. In the hotel, the media people and Yuchun were chatting; outside the entrance, hundreds of fans were waiting with flowers and banners. Through photos from the press and videos, we can see Yuchun answering questions with cute little actions and humourous answers. This time, “China Media Day” again let many fans fall into Park Yuchun’s charm, and reporters that attended the event said, “Park Yuchun is very polite and responds with a quick mind” , “We can feel his huge popularity in China”.


Beijing Departure in an Orderly Manner

2 January noon, Yuchun departed for Korea; again frenzied fans gathered and confirmed his popularity. A lot of fans already gathered in Beijing airport since morning. From the terminal 3 entrance, the fans automatically formed 2 queues . In between the queues was a very spacious walking path. The fans in front were sitting, the fans at the back were holding banners, the sight was quite spectacular. When Yuchun arrived, unlike the last time where fans were screaming and chasing after him causing the area to be in chaos, this time fans stayed in their queue positions, and chanting the same words, sent their idol off in an orderly manner. And Park Yuchun, after seeing this orderly scene, gave a gratifying smile. In this 3-day China trip, not only was Park Yuchun’s huge popularity in China confirmed, he also communicated with various media, we believe Yuchun’s advance into the China market will be just round the corner.

Source from: 韩流飓风 Magazine and Micky Baidu
Translated by: Vienna@ParkYoochun SingaporeFC
Shared by: ParkYoochun SingaporeFC + JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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