[NEWS] 130212 Park Yuchun’s Fortune in 2013 by Top Korean Fortune Tellers

Brief Translation:

With the absence of Hyunbin for 2 years, the next generation of innocent male lead and Most Wanted man No 2 will be Park Yuchun.

From being an idol to best actor, he not only has young fan girls, even noonas and aunties are all focused on him.

After watching and re-watching, Park Yuchun is a guy generally loved by people.

But in reality, he’s a lonely sparrow without a lover.

Park Yuchun himself, firstly has 4 very coordinated pillars.

Most of the 4 pillars of celebrities/talents are usually either too concentrated on 1, or tend to be divided into the 2 extremes.

Park Yuchun, who has an extremely coordinated and extravagant 4 pillars, what is his love luck like?

His independent activities are really huge momentum for him.

Based on the situation now, he doesn’t have much love luck.

Not to say there there is absolutely no luck in love but the important thing now for him is not love.

He’s got no time to see girls and even if there are rumour of him dating it will not be true.

What is his luck this one year when he’s too busy even to fall in love?

As there is already a blank period in his love life and even if he wants to fall in love now he’s too busy, what’s the type of girl who will suit him?

He is one-minded, very soft and weak, but yet he is very MAN full of righteousness.

So he needs a capable person who can understand him and help him take care of the family.

Someone who listens to him and obeys him will be suitable.

Park Yuchun needs to meet the queen of home-maker.

Actually Park Yuchun bid farewell to his beloved father in March. Because of this sudden separation, it re-affirms the meaning of family to him.

“No matter what happens, I’ll not separate with my family. That is my dream”

From singer to actor, Park Yuchun walks a different route again. There is another advice for him.

There will be luck in signing contracts this year. When he signs on the contract, because there will always be terms that restrict him, he must be careful.

When will that be?

Probably autumn. He must sign the agency contract properly.

Park Yuchun is spreading his wings on a new path.

Hope that he doesn’t experience any more pain and dispute, spreading his wings and flying high.

Credit to TvN
Chinese Translation by as tagged on Vid
English translation by Jen_BabyLove
Shared by 6002Sky and Park Yoochun Singapore FC


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