[NEWS] 130213 K-Pop Acting Idols Recognized by Veteran Actresses! – JYJ Yoochun


Senior actors did not hold back their praise for idol-turned-actors.

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Actor Song Wok Sook praised JYJ member Yoochun.

Song Wok Sook commented, “I usually don’t praise rookie actors, but Yoochun was special. He seems to have a latent talent for acting.”

The two worked together for the MBC drama, “I Miss You.”

Song Wok Sook first saw Yoochun in his previous drama and thought that he would just do mediocre. Song Wok Sook was surprised to see that he worked very hard, “He has improved drastically and can bring out even deeper emotions in his acting.”

She commented, “There are many rookies that don’t want to learn or improve or just don’t understand at all. Yoochun is different in that he has a professionalism about him that is on a higher level than other rookies.”

[omit parts unrelated to Yoochun]

These days, many agencies teach acting training as well as singing to broaden the artist’s skills. That may be the reason for many talented idols in both the singing and acting fields.

Source: KpopStarz
Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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