[NEWS] 130215 Yuchun is truly the King of Asian Dramas; even China celebrities are enthusiatically supporting him!


Actor-singer Park Yuchun will be taking a private plane to China to appear on a Yuan Xiao Jie (T/N Lunar New Year Lantern Festival) show. A C-jes manager said,”On 24 Feb, Park Yuchun will appear as a guest on Hunan TV’s Yuan Xiao Jie Night Show, which is No. 1 in viewer ratings among China’s Yuan Xiao Jie shows. He is the only Korean celebrity guest, showing his immense popularity in China.”

Hunan TV station’s ‘Yuan Xiao Jie Night Show Live Telecast’ is the top in viewer ratings in China for 15 years. It is produced by the same team as the variety program ‘Happy Camp’.

A Hunan TV official said, ” Because of ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘Missing You’, Park Yuchun’s popularity in China has sky-rocketed. Considering his busy schedule, we are preparing to send a private plane to bring him here. His interpretation and acting of brash craziness as well as delicate feelings towards his first love caused even China celebrities to support enthusiastically through their own SNS. With his participation in this variety show, we believe he will become a Korean actor that is loved by all of China.”

The huge popularity of Park Yuchun’s dramas in Asia is official. Last year’s drama ‘Rooftop Prince’ on-demand rate in the big Youku and all other 7 video sites in China totalled more than 700 million, setting a new record. In Taiwan, this drama also made the record for the highest viewer ratings for Korean dramas in the last 2 years, and there was also a special 8 min feature on Park Yuchun. Recently in the Philippines, ‘Rooftop Prince’ was also first in viewership for prime time drama.

Not only this, the downloads for ‘Rooftop Prince’ and ‘Missing You’ in China, Taiwan and Hong Kong took 3rd and 4th place in Korean drama download rankings for the 3 countries combined, proving that he is truly the king of Asian dramas.

In addition, this year in Japan, Park Yuchun’s dramas ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, ‘Rooftop prince’ and ‘Missing You’ are being widely established in the first half of the year.

Source: baidu.com
Translation: melodysky@ParkYoochunSingaporeFanclub
Shared by: ParkYoochunSingaporeFC + JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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