[NEWS] JYJ Performs at President’s inauguration ceremony – singing ‘I Know’

JYJ Performs at President’s inauguration ceremony – singing ‘I Know’

FEB 15, 2013



The representative Korean-Wave idol group JYJ has been appointed to attend at the 18th presidential inauguration with the internationally noted singer PSY.

According to the announcement of the Preparatory Committee for 18th President’s Inauguration, pre-celebration event for Inauguration Ceremony starts from 9:20 AM on 25th FEB at National Assembly’s front square and the event would be consisted of the videos and performance of the representative songs of each age.

A musical team is to perform with the song ‘Sergeant Kim’s return from Vietnam’ with the wind music, and the singer Yoon Jung JANG will be singing ‘A guy with a yellow shirt’ and ‘With You’.

The musical actor Kyung Joo NAM and SONYA are singing ‘Whale Hunting’ and the musical team is leading flash mob event with the song ‘Let’s Hit the Road’.

JYJ is set to sing ‘I Know’ [the song of Taeji Boys] and 90’s hit-song medley and the world star PSY will be singing ‘Champion’ and ‘Gangnam Style’.

JYJ’s management C-JeS Entertainment commented that “It is appreciated to attend the state occasion ceremony as the representative artist of the age. The group will prepare well to present a good stage for the event”

*Short Summaries of JYJ’s State-Occasion Career*

2013 Celebration performance for 18th President’s inauguration day ceremony 

2012 Received official commendation from the Minister of Knowledge Economy
2012 Honorary Ambassador for KOR-JPN Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo
2012 Honorary Ambassador for Seoul Nuclear Security Summit
2011 On-Line Honorary Ambassador for Ministry of Education, Science And Technology
2011 Good Will Ambassador of UNAIDS’s Asia-Pacific
2011 Honorary Ambassador for 10th International Congress on AIDS in Asia and the Pacific
2011 Honorary Ambassador of Korea Electric Power Corporation [a.k.a KEPO]
2011 Honorary Ambassador of Jeju Ireland’s New Seven’s Wonder
2011 Honorary Ambassador of World-OKTA
2011 Honorary Ambassador of FLL KOREA
2010 Honorary Ambassador of G20 Summit in Seoul

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