[VIDEOS+TRANS] 130224 Hunan TV Lantern Festival Joy Party – Yoochun

Singing “Magic Castle”

Intro – “Rooftop Prince” & “Missing You” parodied (Eng Sub)

15-min Cut

Jiong: Let’s give a round of applause to welcome Park Yoochun!
Nana: Welcome!
Jiong: Happy new year. Firstly, let’s have Park Yoochun introduce himself
Yoochun: Hello everyone, I am Park Yoochun
Jiong: Firstly, Nana (host 2), talk about your feelings when you represented all his fans by bringing him on stage
Nana: Before coming out, I confirmed with him if it was okay to hold his hand and come out, would i get bashed. He said, it’s okay and consoled me
Jiong: Because Yoochun specially came over to the set and watched the time-slip skit prepared for him yesterday, what are your feelings after watching it?
Yoochun: The acting was better than I expected, if there’s a chance, it might be good if we worked together in a project in China.
Yoochun: Just then, I was watching the broadcast in the waiting room and felt that (Nana) was very pretty.
Yoochun: Piao-liang (pretty)

Nana: Kamsahamnida

Jiong: Actually, we know that he has a new name that is given by the China fans, do you know what that is? It’s a name of a dish. Called steamed fish
Jiong: Because the name of your character in Missing You translated in Chinese sounds like steamed fish
Yoochun: Then, do the fans in China get to see me whenever they have their meals?
Jiong: Especially in the New Year, because fish is a must in the New Year. Also, because he acted as the crown prince and Jungwoo, his name is very suitable for auspicious greetings (Crown prince in Chinese is Wang Shi Zi, Shi happens to also be ‘thing’). Let’s say it together. First ‘wang shi zi’, wish that everything will happen just as you wish (zhu da jia shi shi ru yi)
Jiong: His Chinese is great. Next, Jungwoo
Nana: Wish everyone to have surplus every year (zhu da jia nian nian you yu)
Yoochun: Zhu da jia nian nian you ‘yi’
Jiong: No no no, zhu da jia nian nian you yu (‘yu’ verses ‘yi’)
Nana: The mouth needs to go like this
Jiong: Great, really happy. Everyone is really welcoming of Park Yoochun here tonight at the Lantern Festival Special
Host 2: There’s one person in particular who’s feeling a little jealous inside
Jiong: He’s caused himself some problem
Nana: Caused a great problem
Jiong: He’s done lots of wrong towards Park Yoochun
Nana: Yesterday, we asked Park Yoochun if he saw a picture in Korea and he said yes
Jiong: Let’s bring this person on stage
Jiong: You’ve caused a great problem! How dare you wear this costume
Host 3 (Haitao): Oppa, I miss you very much!
Yoochun: I miss you too
Jiong: Haitao, just to remind you, in Korean, only the girls call the elder brother ‘oppa’, guys should use ‘hyung’
Jiong: There might be some audience who don’t get the story. There was someone who said Haitao resembled Park Yoochun online, and Park Yoochun’s fans couldn’t take it so Haitao did something grave and photoshopped a picture. Let’s see this picture. Which Yoochun also saw in Korea.
Jiong: Okay Yoochun, now that you’ve seen Haitao in real life, do you have anything to say to him? Do you think he looks like you?
Nana: No answer
Jiong: He’s turned silent
Yoochun: His lips are especially charming, more alike than what I had expected
Haitao: Same same
Nana: No same
Jiong: Haitao, we’ll gift you this phrase, “If you’ve slimmed down, then you’re Yoochun.”
Haitao: Oppa can’t gain weight
Jiong: Today, we’ll have Haitao oficially apologise to Yoochun. You’ve used Yoochun’s pictures to cheat and gain fans, and did many other things
Host 4: Also, did you photoshopped another picture today where you sat together in an aeroplane?
Host 3: Yes, we sat in a aeroplane, he sat there and I sat here.
Nana: That was photoshopped?
Host 5: Let me tell you, he has at least 10 more of those pictures in his phone that has yet to be uploaded
Haitao: Brother, I’m so sorry… But I love you very very much
Yoochun: My brother
Jiong: We have prepared a special award ‘Think too much’ for Haitao to be personally presented by Park Yoochun. The prize is really unique
Jiong: Cover it on for him
Nana: I feel like just covering him up
Jiong: Alright, it’s to reignite some memories of Rooftop Prince. Next, the present prepared by Park Yoochun will reignite the memories of Missing You.
Nana: Ah, this scarf. I’m watching (the drama) now
Jiong: This is something Park Yoochun specially brought from Korea. A scarf of the same style shown in Missing You.
Jiong: One scarf will be given to an audience present, another will be awarded to an audience in front of the tv through Hunan’s smartphone app Hula
Jiong: We all know that there are two distinct types of characters that Park Yoochun act in. First, an adorable type. Let’s have you select someone to put the scarf on in an adorable manner
Jiong: In an adorable way
Host 4: Everyone’s shouting their own name
Nana: Ottoke
Jiong: Thank you Yoochun. Return it, we’ll need this scarf again. We all know, there’s another type of image than Yoochun has, regardless in Rooftop Prince or Missing You, as a police, he is very macho and manly. Next, we’ll use this manner to put the scarf on another person. Macho. You can choose another person.
Nana: Strangle him with it once
Host 4: Apart from the scarf to be given away, there’s also Haitao’s odour on it
Jiong: Next, we’ll have Park Yoochun himself select the audience he wishes to give the scarf to. Park Yoochun will use this camera to film the person he wishes to give the scarf to.
Jiong: The person in the middle of the image.
Yoochun: Yes, this person
Jiong: It is regretful for those who didn’t get the scarf, however, it’s alright as Yoochun will sing us a theme song from Missing You tonight. This song is also the ringtone of Jungwoo and Sooyeon
Nana: Sooyeon ah
Jiong: A round of applause for Park Yoochun!

When Yoochun meets fake HJW (Eng Sub)

Lucky Draw (Eng Sub)

Credits: sone9angel5 + CYmissYC + naicha kun(Eng Sub) + t4rw3n(Eng Sub)
Translations by: @maettugi
Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie

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