[NEWS] 130225 Lantern Festival Night Show became “The Park Yuchun Special”


Last night, Hunan TV Lantern Festival Show invited many popular celebrities but the most eye-catching was the one that Hunan TV specially chartered a plane to invite over from Korea, Park Yuchun.  From yesterday’s rehearsal, it seems that the show has become “The Park Yuchun Special”;  outside there were many fans waiting, and inside, Park Yuchun also became the focus of the media’s attention. Before the live broadcast, there was a press conference.

When asked if he liked to be called “oppa” …  shy
Expression: blushed

When it was known that Park Yuchun was coming, not only the fans could not remain calm, even the media could not remain calm.  Yesterday at the press conference, almost all the reporters were female, and someone was even excitedly posting the interview live on her weibo account.

Maybe the media was too enthusiastic, when Park Yuchun saw the reporters, he was stunned, he tugged at his clothes a few times and looked all around.  When everyone had quietened down, he greeted everyone slowly in Korean, “First time meeting all of you, I am very nervous.  I hope you will like me.”  But Park Yuchun did not expect that his shyness would make the reporters even more pointed in their questions.  One reporter asked,”In Korean dramas, the female leads usually address the male lead as “oppa”.  In real life, do you like girls to address you as “oppa”?  Park Yuchun blushed and hesitantly said, “I’m not sure, everyone has their own preferences,  I’m ok with it.”   His response made everyone laugh.

Being like a pampered child and saying he didn’t have time to eat nice food.
Expression: pouting

Many people might think that Park Yuchun with that great figure only eats salad.  But during yesterday’s interview, Park Yuchun can be said to love eating.  The interview only just started, he said with a pout that due to rehearsals last night, he has not had a chance to eat anything.  And “this morning, I asked the service staff about local delicacies, he told me a lot and I thought he would bring some for me to try, but in the end, I didn’t get to eat anything.”  He also said that he is not picky about food.  Even simple food like tteokbokki (Korean spicy rice cakes) he would be very happy eating that.  After saying that, he suddenly became silent and was lost in his own thoughts.  I must say, that cute expression and that moment caused all the female reporters to fall at his feet.

Saying that he wishes to work with Chen Kaige
Expression: serious and ernest

In 2012, after acting in “Rooftop Prince’ and  ‘Missing You’, his popularity soared.  But Park Yuchun does not seem to understand how “hot” he is.   When a reporter said that he is the “Korean drama award winning specialist”, his eyes widened and he quickly said, “No, no!”    When asked if he wants to enter the China entertainment circle, he became serious and said yes, he hopes there will be such a chance.  He added, “I like ‘Farewell My Concubine’ 《霸王别姬》, if Chen Kaige director is willing to work with me, that would be good.”

On seeing reporter, he initiated a bow with thanks
Movement: 45 degrees

Like many Korean artists, Park Yuchun has impeccable manners.  After the interview, a reporter met him along the aisle, Yuchun smiled and nodded, and then suddenly bent down in front of the reporter.  The reporter thought he was going to pick something up, but it was actually a bow.

Source: Chongqing evening news + 找有天宝宝要抱抱
Translated by: melodysky@ParkYoochunSingaporeFC
Shared by: Park Yoochun Singapore Fanclub + JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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