[VIDEO/PROJECT] JYJ Love is going to launch to space in TBE capsule


JYJ Turkey “ JYJ love is going to launch to space in TEB capsule “

Hello JYJers!

As you know our last project was sending a message of love of JYJ and our family to the space in a capsule that is going to be launched from Houston Space Center on 18th of March.You also remember that we told Turkish bank of TEB is sponsoring Human Adventure project of NASA as well.

After we spoke to the bank again,we found out that there was a misunderstanding.Turkish bank TEB is working with NASA but the capsule totally belongs to TEB not to NASA.So all rights of the capsule and launching are only reserved for the bank TEB.That is why we fixed this info at our news texts and the video.

And here it’s our new hashtag decision for 18th March : #JYJtospaceinTEBcapsule

The bank of TEB was very caring and welcoming to JYJ Turkey,so friends we hope that you all spread the word,so there won’t be any wrong information around about the rights.And we also hope you will suit the hashtag we decided.

About filming the launch: We are trying to keep contact with fans in Houston,TX location to film.TEB will provide us details and they will have a crew in the launch field so we also hope the fans who can manage to get there can stand there all together and enjoy the moment and share it with all of us by filming.

The fans who can go to launch area please contact us from projects@jyjturkey.com

So we can chose someone as the head from Houston and get her contact info and then everybody will contact the same person,then you all can meet at the same spot and make the filming all together.

After you send us the video,the video will be edited directly and be released to any related web point.With all the news, we will go for offline magazines and newspapers as well.

About the photo exhibition: March 31 is the date.We will be attending the exhibition as JYJ Turkey Team and a representative from Korean authoritatives in Turkey.We will also make other news including TEB after the exhibition.

Certain time of launching will be informed later on with our updates.

While we want to say that we are sorry for the mistake,we also want to say that we are waiting for everyone’s attention on the trend for 18 March.

Much love and respect
JYJ Turkey Team

Credit: JYJ Turkey
Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie

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