[VIDEO+TRANS] 130304 DATV – Yoon Eun Hye’s Interview for “Missing You” mentions Yoochun

Q: (5:35) In the drama,your partner HJW, what do you think are the charms of the character HJW?
EH: (5:41) Urm,I..of course I have predicted that he will be able to perform well, but right now he’s doing so much better than what I expected of him, there were many times that I found myself being surprised.

(5:52)This is the first time I’m talking about this. Whenever I look at JW, without realizing it, I found myself wanting to do all those bright things, I envy him. His energy is overflowing, he enjoys it.

(6:03) I (LSY) don’t express myself right? Since my character doesn’t express things out, always repressing things down,without realizing it I will do (gestures) I really want to do it. So when I look at JW, sometimes I feel envious, sometimes I missed my previous characters, I have those kind of thoughts.

(6:17) He really does it well. Scenes with parent,older people, while he’s working, when he returns back to being a Detective, while he is with family, when he meets his first love,when he’s feeling pain,all those things,gosh..he’s very..how should I say this, he doesn’t make those things looks frivolous, he’s really good at that,and he has sense.

(6:41) Although I don’t know if I can evaluate him,he’s good.

Q: We heard that at the filming location, YC-ssi is the mood-maker who overflows with energy. Like Eh-ssi mentioned previously,because of that you are able to easier be absorbed in the emotions, you had good words for that.
EH: (6:56) The brightness doesn’t really help with being absorbed in (sad) emotions..kekeke (T/N: I think EH’s laughing because the interviewer mixed up her previous answers to come up with this statement lol )

Q: (7:00) But still, you said that YC-ssi has a lot of energy
EH: Yes, actually it’s something I’m thankful about. The truth is our drama is heavy,depressing and at the filming location it could have been a situation where everyone could be feeling sensitive,but YooChunie is really bright.

(7:15) Whether an NG happened,shooting a happy scene or a sad scene, he’s definitely,a friend who has a lot of positive energy. Even I am someone who always strive to be positive; if all this while I’ve always been the younger one even amongst staffs and crew so I strive to be that (bright mood-maker) character, but this friend (YC)..rather than to stay that he makes effort to be so, he really, he has a lot of baeryoshim*, and because we’re used to that so we are able to be comfortable. Like I said previously, if he strives and made extra effort to be so, one could feel like “I have to be like this” and one could feel sorry or feel pressured, but Director-nim, myself and all the staffs are used to that atmosphere and naturally we gained strength because of him. He has that strength.
(*T/N: “baeryoshim” – putting others before oneself and showing compassion and care)

Q: So it’s not like he was purposely making jokes to..
EH: He does it naturally..

Credit: FrenchNeri
Translations by: amcosmicf@soompi
Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie

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