[VIDEO+TRANS] 130304 DATV – Yoo Seung Ho mentions Yoochun in his “Missing You” Interview

(11:24 to 12:08) Q: What was your impression of Yoon Eunhye and Park Yuchun?

YSH: Actually, I think it would be the same for anyone. I think they would feel very nervous. The impression you have first without meeting yet… I think you would feel very nervous. I felt like that too but when I actually met them, I just felt like he was a close hyung.
I really appreciated he asked me what I would like when rehearsing for the script. Eunhye noona was just like that too. Eunhye noona and Yuchun hyung said they already met a few times in the past when they were doing their singer activities so as both of them were close, I just included myself in and talked with them too.

(13:00 to 13:43) Q: What do you think of Yuchun as an actor?

YSH: Yuchun hyung looked very cool on set. Because you see, I think the ones who have to make the mood control on set are the actors and actresses. So thanks to Yuchun hyung’s presence, the set became brighter and the result became even better of course. Actually, since the staff is having such a hard time, if the actors and actresses play around first and make the mood entertaining, they can all forget their tireness and have a smooth filming. As I saw that, I thought I should learn all these too because I can’t do such things very well. So I really liked Yuchun hyung being like this and it made me want to learn very much such things too.

Credit: HallyuYoonEunHye
Translations by: @parksheena6004
Shared by: JYJ3 + iMickyCassie


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