+ About Park YuChun

Real Name:   Park Yoochun
Stage/International Name:  Micky Yoochun – Micky
Position:   Middle Low Vocal, Rap
Birthday:   June 4, 1986
Birth Place:   Seoul, South Korea. Lived in Fairfax, Virginia for roughly four years before he auditioned for Brothers Entertainment and was sent to Korea to SM Entertainment
Height:   180 cm
Weight:   64 kg
Hobbies:   Composing music
Special Abilities:   Playing Piano, writing and composing music
Blood Type:   O
Family:   Mom, Dad, & Younger Brother
Star Sign:   Gemini
Eduation:   Kyunghee University

Cyworld: BlueFaith
Twitter: 6002theMicky

Present activity:

  • –  Having activities with Jaejoong & Junsu with their sub-group JYJ.
  • – Main role in his first japanese drama ‘Kimi Ga Ireba/Beautiful Love’ for BeeTV.
  • – Recorded 3HREE VOICES in Seoul.
  • – Leading role in his first korean drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ where he plays the leading character Sun-Joon
  • – Released “The…” –  Japanese Album with the new songs they wrote  & performed with for their Thanksgiving Concert.
  • – Released their first English Album “The Beginning” and had showcases in Asia & US.
  • – Released their korean album ‘Their Rooms’
  • – Yoochun won 3 awards at KBS Drama Acting Awards for Best New Rookie, Best Couple &  Netizen Awards
  • – Filmed his second korean drama “Goodbye Miss Ripley” 

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