[ANNC] Circumstances Behind Article Casting Doubt On Number 3000 for JYJ Spain Concert

Dispatch is well-known to be the leading tabloid/gossip publication in Korea.

On November 3rd, Dispatch published an article with the headline of “Did 3000 Come? JYJ, the Truth Behind the Controversy of Having Manipulated the [Facts About] the Spain Concert.”(Found hereThe article asserted that the figure of 3000 was false.

Responding to this, on November 3rd, Lee Jaeun (@beyondmonica) who is the publicist to JYJ tweeted the following:

[TRANS] Was totally nervous for the 13 hours of flight to the degree that I developed my trapezius muscles. When I landed I received the text messages from many. Yes, I feel that I made the right decision. Indeed, best response to an action with malicious intent is to “not respond” at all. Now meeting is over. Let’s unpack. It is now Berlin. ^^”

[TRANS] @fan As for the rumors [about JYJ], the managers [care enough to the degree that they] go to the police station once a week and it is also something that we find to be the most pressing. But as the the article, over 30 strong media outlets prove [our facts] and there is not even 1% of lies on our side and so there is no need to respond.

This is the statement made by JYJ’s publicist herself on this particular article. (1) In other words, JYJ’s publicist herself informed the fans that the article is a rumor and that its writer does not deserve the satisfaction of receiving our attention.


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