[ARTICLE] 121009 K-Pop Group Under Threat


SM Entertainment attempts to consign a rebellious pop group to oblivion

The South Korean pop group JYJ came onto the country’s fevered music scene in 2004 as three fifths of the then-pop group DBSK. They were soon to become what observers call by far the most successful and best-selling pop group that SM Entertainment has ever fielded, making countless millions of dollars for the management company in just five years.

However, today singers Kim Jaejoong, Park Yuchun and Kim Junsu remain entangled in a legal system that favors the powerful after the trio attempted to break a 13-year contract they had signed as underage teenagers at the start of their career. It was a contract that worked them to near exhaustion, paid them a fraction of monies earned, gave no accounting of royalties and left little room for renegotiation despite its decade-plus tenure. The group sued to be released and the court agreed. The contract has since been declared invalid by the court as being too heavily weighted in SM’s favor. But that wasn’t the end of it.

SM Entertainment is the biggest of South Korea’s big three talent management companies. It has faced widespread criticism that it relies on slave-like contracts that indenture performers to their agencies for at least a decade with no way out. Among others it has produced the groups Girls’ Generation, Kangta, BoA, Super Junior and many others. Observers, however, charge that SM operates almost like a cult. 

And, as intensively as the company works to produce pop stars, their critics say that clearly it works equally hard to wreck the careers of those who attempt to escape their contracts. It is acknowledged that JYJ exemplifies that line of attack. The three themselves say they repeatedly asked the management company for royalty statements showing a true accounting of revenues they earned for the company and. after finally realizing fame and success, to simply be paid a more equitable share. Among other points of the now-invalidated contract they signed as teenagers was that they would have to pay the company US$400-480 million if they were to leave before it ended.

The invalidation of the contract doesn’t mean the end of their legal troubles. On Sept. 13, the Seoul District Court postponed indefinitely a reading of its verdict in the final case in favor of mandatory arbitration. South Korea’s broadcasting networks agreed that they would uphold the ban “until a verdict is reached in the lawsuit,” despite the fact that the court said two years previously that SME’s action was illegal and punishable by a fine. But as long as SM continues to stonewall, refusing to budge in negotiations on how much money it actually owes JYJ, there will be no end to the lawsuit. And the banning of JYJ will continue indefinitely.

As Asia Sentinel reported on Jan. 2011 in a story about SM Entertainment’s lollipop group Girls’ Generation, South Korea’s pop scene is like no other in the world. As carefully as Korea, Inc. manufactures cars, televisions, containerships and washing machines, it uses those same techniques to manufacture pop stars. It relies on intensive preparation and slavish attention to detail, a business model referred to as “cultural technology,” which has taken the country’s entertainers far beyond its borders even as the genre is dismissed by music critics of what seems a cookie cutter mold for its pop groups, leaving much to be desired musically and artistically. 

When the three decided to strike out on their own despite SM’s threats, they left with little more than their clothes. The company actually owned everything they thought belonged to them, including the recording devices and tapes on which their new, unreleased compositions were written as well as all the gifts fans had given them.

SM, insiders say, draws on a wide range of entertainment industry, broadcast media cronies and other seemingly official organizations to keep young performers in line. For instance, in January 2011 the Korea Entertainment Producers Association petitioned its members to sign a statement saying that “If the verdict is made favoring the side of the trio who filed an injunction as well as a lawsuit, countless celebrities will abuse these results to file lawsuits against their respective entertainment agencies, regardless of the fact that the initial injunction and lawsuit were filed by the trio for the sole purpose of attaining individual financial profits by abusing the erroneous public preconception of slave contracts.” 

From the time they filed their lawsuit until the end of 2009, the three say, they fulfilled all contractual agreements arranged for them by SM. The last appearance with their two former group members Jung Yunho, and Shin Changmin, was at a year-end performance in Japan. 

Subsequently, all manner of difficulties began to arise. The original soundtrack for the wildly successful Korean drama SungKungKwan Scandal, which co-starred Park Yuchun, was allegedly held up by distributors. Television interviews with the singer-actor were cancelled and even as he accepted the award for Best New Actor at The KBS Drama Awards he mysteriously was never mentioned or shown in any television entertainment programs touting the drama or his achievement, even KBS’s own.

Baek Chang Joo, the president of JYJ’s new management company C-jeS said last year that everything his company tries to do to promote JYJ takes four times as long because everywhere they turn they are hindered, cancelled and barred.

SM vainly asked for an injunction to keep the trio from releasing its new English-language album “The Beginning,” sending a letter to Warner Music telling them not to distribute it. On October 13, 2010 it was reported that the Korean Federation of Pop Culture and Art Industry asked three major broadcasting companies, cable TV stations, record labels, distributors, press and other related organizations to refrain from casting JYJ for TV appearances or to engage in business with them. 

When the South Korean media reported that, the federation denied that it was actually an “official document” – a statement which was belied after the letter, bearing the “Official Document sent by KFPCAI,” was later produced and made public. In yet another twist, this alleged official watchdog federation had never been heard of before they sent the document. It had no business address and no contact information. 

Yet the document was taken as gospel by all who received it. It was almost as if someone far larger, more influential and powerful was really behind it – someone with a raging grudge against JYJ. And apparently the warning was heeded. The pop group’s appearance at South Korea’s Blue Dragon film awards was cancelled. Appearances were either delayed or cancelled for a variety of television talk shows and all music shows.

Critics say it is an open secret that SM appears to have been behind a long list of attempts to blacklist the group. Visas were unaccountably held up for a trip to the United States to do mini-showcases to promote their album, “The Beginning.” The four showcases were then held for free and were a huge success. Still JYJ worked determinedly and kept moving forward. In the US there were collaborations with Billboard Magazine and MTVKorea.

Once they returned to South Korea, JYJ embarked on a full-scale concert tour. Their first scheduled one was held in Seoul in November at Jamsil Olympic Stadium, over two nights, drawing a combined 70,000 fans, a sizeable number from Japan. These concert dates were followed by concerts in Thailand, Taiwan, China, then North America. They finished up with two more sold-out concert dates in South Korea upon the completion of these legs of the tour.

Thus despite the pressure and blacklisting, JYJ has managed to flourish, producing a major, international hit album “In Heaven” in 2011, starring in multiple successful K-dramas and doing a combined European, US and South American concert tour to wild acclaim. Amid the pressure that SM has brought to bear make a cautionary example of them to the rest of their signed acts, they have proven that they can be successful merely on their own talents and abilities and with the support of their fans. 

The trio continue to do charity work and act as their country’s ambassadors for a variety of trade associations. Also beloved in Japan they even did a benefit concert to aid the victims of the Fukushima Earthquake which they were forced to hold in a remote area of Japan because a business associate of SM’s, the Japanese entertainment company AVEX did everything in their power to block it, this time unsuccessfully. The people, the fans and the town fathers wanted JYJ to perform. And they did, to about 80,000 fans over two days.

From the start there have been many ups and downs. But one unwitting parting gift they got from their years at SM was the ability to work as tirelessly as anyone in the music business today, with great enthusiasm and unfailing good humor. Their talent as singers, actors and performers is and always was their own. The three proudly proclaim themselves Korean. Even in the face of being blacklisted, banned and treated with distain by the South Korean media and music industry, they continue to love and represent their country.

(The writer is a U.S. based songwriter and music publisher concerned with the cause of justice for recording artists in S. Korea.)

Source: asiasentinel.com
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[ARTICLE] 121004 Chinese Magazine ‘Pure Korean Entertainment’ – Yoochun


As the fan meeting almost begins, thrilled fans of thousands cheered together in korean ” Park Yoo Chun, I love you. Crown Prince, I love you! “

“2012 Park Yoo Chun Shanghai Fan-meeting ” officially begins Park Yoo Chun’s Asia Fan meetings Tour.

Starting with Yoo Chun’s exciting photos and short clip, Park Yoo Chun sang for his fans < Miss Ripley>’s OST < The space I left empty for you > amidst screams of delight at his entrance and live serenade. Following his gentle voice, all the fans sang along with him in korean, which touched him very much.

Since JYJ’s concert in 2010, its almost been 1 year 10 months for Park Yoo Chun to come to Shanghai to hold his solo fan meeting.

Yoo Chun said ” I was slightly worried to stand by myself on this big concert stage. As I have been very busy, I was unable to meet with my fans here in China in a long while, so I am very happy and glad that there are so many fans who came to support me today. “

With Park Yoo Chun’s updates on his recent activities to start things going, the exciting behind-the-scenes footage from < Miss Ripley> and < Rooftop Prince> were shown.

On this day of the fan meeting, special activities were prepared for fans to have close interactions with Park Yoo Chun. Other than showing < Rooftop Prince>’s best clips, there was Yoo Chun personally making phone calls to fans for guessing games, bursting balloon games with fans by hugging etc, and he also handed gifts to fans, spending a wonderful time with everyone.

Fans also prepared a well crafted short clip for Yoo Chun. The short clip recorded his exciting going-ons up to the present, and fans sang along together to the music in the clip for him.

Park Yoo Chun constantly expressed his thanks, and said ” Thank you very much for everyone’s support for me, I will repay you all by doing my very best in future.” After which, he did a live rendition of Korean singer John Park’s < That Song > for his fans to express his thanks and gratitude.

At the fan meet, there were a great many fans wearing Yoo Chun’s red track suit from < Rooftop Prince> to show their support. Also, fans who did not manage to get tickets to the event stayed outside the Mercedes-Benz Arena from beginning till the end to shout out Park Yoo Chun’s name.

Yoo Chun will hold other fan meetings on 8th Sep in Shen Zhen, 14th Sep in Taiwan, 16th Sep in Thailand.

Yoo Chun became the brightest star at the “Seoul International Drama Awards 2012″. He swept the People’s Choice Award and Outstanding Korean Drama Category – Best Actor Award. On that day his drama < Rooftop Prince > also won the Best Korean drama award. Thus he ascended the throne as a three-win king.

At this year’s Seoul International Drama Awards, Park Yoo Chun must be the star who stands out from the rest. He displays exceptional acting skills in Korean dramas and he seems to dominate all. In the intense war of the stars, he must be shining the most brilliantly of all.

Source: Chinese Magazine ‘Pure Korean Entertainment’
Translation Credit / Tip:  JYJLove
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Recently the issue of violence against a fangirl has emerged with much heat. The famous Hero-Jaejoong of TVXQ was caught inflicting verbal/physical offense, the proof recorded as a mp3 file and up online. However, there is a lot more to this issue than what was disclosed in the media. The Korean fans had known all along that someday, there would be hell to pay because of the PRIVATES. Who are the PRIVATES? Just keep reading and you’ll find out.

Below is the original version of the recording.

“Dispatch,” the broadcast company that published this recording, purposely cut out certain parts of the recording to make it sound like Jaejoong constantly swore and inflicted physical offenses to a innocent fan girl. When in truth, this is not what had happened. NOT AT ALL.

Violence is not acceptable and inexcusable in any kind of situation, but in this case, one needs to understand the reasons behind this seemingly appalling act, and WHY this happened.


this will educate you about DBSK/TVXQ on a whole new level, since Asian fans did not bother to mention this aspect of TVXQ’s stardom when spreading news.

The crux of this issue is “who are PRIVATES?”

recorded at around September, 2009

*ignore grammatical mistakes, this was directly translated word by word. This is so that Jaejoong’s tone is conveyed with accuracy. (and he is drunk)

++* some people are misunderstanding this and doubting why it was only a “recording that was released.” I saw a comment saying “who knows it’s fake? why is it that the other fans there only had a recorder? not a cellphone or a video recorder?”

This is because THERE WAS NO OTHER PERSON THERE. the PRIVATE in question in this video recorded this secretly. Why? look below at the Changmin incident. They always record stuff and keep it as a “souvenir.” They are just mentally ill.

Occasion (to clear up confusion):

(from the media) Jaejoong was drinking with his friends and afterwards, he found the PRIVATES trailing him on the way home. Explosion.

*all translated swearwords are placed where they were originally said in Korean



following me around and contacting me…

it’s really fun for you guys…

really fun…

never really thinking about how much stressful it is for us

I’d rather become normal and live without any of this

Anywhere I go someone follows

anywhere I go someone calls me

Anywhere i go someone calls me and they’re like

where are you…you’re there right? always living and and running away in this anxiety

am i a convict? ha….i was in Japan for 4 days during my vacation. i was in Japan, because of you…because of you, huh? Fuck…it’s funny, right? funny?

if i come (to korea) fuck I have no freedom…do you think i’d be here this fucking…

i’d rather be in a jail and eat fucking bean rice (*what they give out it prison) and exercise. i’d rather go to military and live as a soldier fucking because of you guys…

fuck do I still need to be here (in korea)?

bitches like you….do you know how many of you there are? there are tenfolds, fucking taxi cab drivers need to make a living and take you guys and fucking follow me around…risking their lives and follow me around

even if its the red light…even if there’s a bunch of cars in front…they go into the opposite lane and drive in reverse and follow me around…

the fucking bastards who follow me for money and the fans who give them money to follow me…fuck because of the PRIVATES and the PRIVATE CABS follow me, do I have to go hide for the rest of my life? huh? huh? why am I like this, am I a convict? do I have to be in Korea because of you bitches? huh? you’re “PRIVATES” you bitches, fuck do I have to live like this? huh? huh? because of you? fuck after this fucking PRIVATE bitches will probably call on the police….you guys will call the police. No, it happened a lot until now. if they don’t they’re nice kids…they do this shit and after fucking call on the police. they say they feel like crap because I fucking shit at them. they ask for compensation those fucking PRIVATES….fuck how do you trust those PRIVATES. Do I have to cover up for those fucking bitches following me around? Bitches? do you know how many times I’ve had to hit you guys on the head like right now? I…in tenfolds…can’t even count it, go bitch, is this fun? oh it’s fun right? here, come here, come closer, is this fun? is this like a survival game? its fun right? fucking fun following me around. If i hit you guys on the head once, then you guys call on the police saying that you can’t go home again ’cause they’re swollen.

Bitches when i go around all day you’ll follow me and what, you guy’s call the police because you can’t go home? shit, why do you follow me? you’re saying that I can’t go home? you have that much time? Fucking Bitches I only sleep 3 hours a day, what for a week, you guys are saying stuff like, oh Jaejoong’s like vapor, how can he escape so well, you guy’s then call me and text me…it’s also posted on blogs constantly….I always read those blogs that you do…who went to the hair salon and when what time when Changmin did this and when Yunho did that…you guys know everything like fucking wizards

but the rest of you guys…why didn’t they know me? this vacation? why didn’t they know where I went? huh? Should I keep on hiding like this? Hiding is fucking retarded….but what are you guys who follow that around? Huh fucking bitch? As a singer could I ever get a girlfiend? for real? huh? do i have to check your blogs in hours and minute units when I move? huh? Am I the President? fuck you guys are just fucking hoes, at guys huh? you want to get attention from young idol members fucking bitches…all against the privacy of the singer you like and get on taxi cabs, do you have that much money? if you bought even one CD with that money…we would have gotten number one on the chart. fuck, in Japan, we worked for 5 years when we got that number one title and the second or first rank….even if they support so much from DNBN (dbsk fansite), if you guys had bought a fucking CD instead of following me around in taxi cabs we could have fucking went on the Oricon charts for what rank..you bitches always doing this shit with taxis, fuck do you know why I bought my car RA? I bought it to lose the taxis, I bought it to lose the taxis but I just couldn’t bitches there were too many taxis, those fucking taxis really just rolling over for money and follow me to the extreme, you guys spend that money to the extreme and follow me. and you guys are still greedy, with sleep, you guys pull an all-nighter all the time but say shit about us when we do. And when i get so fucking pissed and can’t contain myself, you say you can’t go home because your face is swollen and want compensation money and call the police bitches.

Are those fans? Shitting…bitches lets see if you fucking go to heaven you fucking bastards fuck…

you think I can like you?

fuck you guys do it like this and thats why we start liking the Japanese business bitches you know? When we do interviews about concerts, what “we like when (Korean) fans sing along during ballad songs”? and “we like the japanese cuz they listen well?” “that is the difference between Korea and Japan?” Fucking Bullshit.

I don’t want to humiliate Korea in Japan so that’s why I say i like that when you guys sing along during ballad songs

fucking always talking always following around always screaming

It’s because of you PRIVATES that we start liking the foreign fans more. Why do you think Japan and China’s like this right now. Its because they’re imitating you guys, the foreigners. are you happy now?

**Korean Fan culture included excessive screaming until the late 2009, when the Cassiopeas changed the official support chant into “quiet during ballads, official/organized chant during dance songs.”

**This recording was done by a Private

Private= are not considered fans. they follow around and kill the privacy of idols. A lot of idols have privates but FT island, Big Bang, and TVXQ is known to have the worse. Especially TVXQ Privates have invented a new method of stalking called the PRIVATE TAXI CABS, in which they pay average $800 to follow TVXQ around. EVERYWHERE.

**TVXQ currently has average 150 PRIVATES following them around.(per day). these include foreign privates from China, Japan, and reaaalllllyyyy the minority European, American fans

**All members of TVXQ have been subject to the crimes of PRIVATES for average 9-10 years. Korean laws can’t protect the star because most of these PRIVATES are underage and those who are not, work in more complicated ways (they’re rich for one, and have a background).



WHO (da fuck) ARE THEY.

1. What is a PRIVATE?

PRIVATE = a sasaeng fan (a “fan” that stalks the privacy of a star)


Someone who follows around/ stalk a star (especially an idol star), and watches every single movement with a emotion above a fan’s.

Most of these fans give up on their everyday lives, and follow around the star’s schedule.

These fans are STALKERS that violate the privacy of the star, consequently emerging as a social issue.

Below is from a documentary about “sasaengs”

(below is the translation for the internet postings above)

I’m sorry Yoochun………

I went to a PC bang (internet cafe)….

the ID I had with my name had too much fees due…

i borrowed…f..k..(*this private stole his social security number/ she isn’t the only one)

I really have to have an ID for this place……

and this place has the cheapest fees……..

and Mom’s didn’t work, Dad has his own…….

I couldn’t think of any other Social Security Number….

the ones I thought of….truthfully, your’s is the easiest….

sorry….Yoochun…(laughing sound)

I really needed it thou……f…..

I really needed it!! I’m sorry..I’ll log out afterwards…

What is this you bitch (laughing sound)

…Yoochun (laughing sound)


Agency PR:

“It’s a great stress. Even if we don’t disclose the schedule they always follow around. I don’t know how they know

Really, they’re like ghosts, they follow everywhere

Even the stars themselves know, so its a great stress.

That makes the stars become uncomfortable about going outside, so they stop going outside, they stop meeting other people

You can’t see them anything other than a necessary evil. They’re just a social issue.”

(image of Privates of WG asking for where WG lives)


“It’s an addiction. It gets worse. I have to come periodically. If I don’t I keep thinking.

If I don’t go, It’s weird, strange. and makes me want to go..”

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[REVIEW] 111229 Seoulbeats’ Best Albums Of 2011: JYJ’s ‘In Heaven’!

Note: Seoulbeats writers reviewed their picks for the best and worst albums of 2011. We are only posting the portion that mentions JYJ. To see their other picks for the best albums of 2011 as well as their picks for the worst, please visit Seoulbeats.

In Heaven won second place in the official album poll, which kind of blows my mind because JYJ fans are notorious for making sure that JYJ wins every web poll that’s ever been created. Or maybe that just applies to Jaejoong fans. Who knows.

Snark aside, however, In Heaven was probably one of the strongest albums I’ve encountered this year, and I’m not just saying that because 2011 was a weak year for full-length album releases as a whole. For starters, every song on the 10-track album was composed by one or more of the JYJ members themselves, which is a rare and impressive occurrence amongst most mainstream K-pop artists. Half of the tracks on In Heaven were previously released via JYJ’s Music Essay minialbum in January of this year, but they were remastered for the In Heaven rerelease. But in my opinion, the most impressive tracks on this album were those not previously included on the Music Essay minialbum. “Boy’s Letter” starts out as a relatively unassuming track, but it’s an extremely strong ballad that boasts an elegantly composed melody and a well-structured climax. “You’re” is a punchy but nonetheless smooth midtempo song that features some great vocal coordination between the three members. “Get Out” is a powerful dance track that’s both amplified and softened by the members’ voices. And, of course, “In Heaven” is the crown jewel of the album: overdramatic, but beautifully so.

JYJ is often accused of being repetitive and unoriginal with their musical style, and after listening to In Heaven, I’m beginning to understand this claim. As composers, the JYJ members are fond of certain sounds and beats, and they use these same sounds and beats over and over in their music. This, combined with consistency in personal compositional style, can cause JYJ’s music to come across as being repetitive or unoriginal. Now, I’m a person who generally likes JYJ’s musical style, so this so-called repetitiveness is far from a problematic issue for me. But even as a fan of JYJ’s style, I think it’d be wise for JYJ to consider collaborating with other composers for their future releases, just to keep things fresh. But of course, this might all be easier said than done, especially considering the amount of legal red tape JYJ has to deal with in order to merely exist in the Korean entertainment sphere.

I really wish the best for JYJ and I hope they succeed, moreso than any other group — not only because they are talented musicians, but because by producing such consistently high-quality work such as In Heaven without the help of a giant entertainment company, JYJ is showing that they have the power to enact change within the K-pop industry for good. But until that day comes, I’m content with JYJ so long as they continue to make good music.

– Patricia

Review taken from: Seoulbeats
Source: JYJ3
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He just reaches the age of 25, but Park Yoochun’s achievement is probably envied by those who dream of becoming a star as well.

Park Yoochun is in the list of five young celebrities that earned handsome amount that reached RM31 million (US $10 million) per annum that become inspiration for the young generation to achieve the successful career as him.

He is not only popular in his own country but in Japan as well. His explosive popularity allows him to receive from RM 90,000 up to RM 100,000 per appearance.

This luxury is not achieved overnight. In the beginning of his life, he faced hardship, but he didn’t give up nor let the fate ruled out his luck.

Born and raised in Seoul, Korea on 4th June 1985, his family immigrates to Virginia, US when he was 13 years old.

“The people around me assumed that the migration to the US will change my life. They consider me as the lucky one.”

“Reminiscing those moment makes me feel like not repeating it again. The bad financial status of my family, drove me to work hard,” he said.

The beginning of their life that crossed a lot of difficulties give a huge impact to this lad that being nicknamed as Micky and Yuchun by his fans.

However, everything changed in 2003 when SM Entertainment held an audition in US and Yoochun was chosen on that session. With four other members, he joined TVXQ and quickly rose to popularity in a short time and labelled as Asian star, other than King of Korean Wave.

TVXQ received various recognitions in their own country, besides; Yoochun is among the important persosn that consolidates that group journey.

Their achievement is not only in Korea. The quick popularity of TVXQ spread in Japan and a week after their debut, they started planning various activities in the Land of Rising Sun.

Composing talent that being gifted by the God encouraged Park Yoochun to compose the song Kiss The Baby Sky , that had become the theme song for a morning news program in Japan that able him to achieve high income.

However, the sky is not always blue. In 2009, Yoochun faced the biggest crisis that may lead to many possibilities while his career is on top.

However, his worries were fading away when he was given a chance to start anew in his career.

He chooses to be an actor and through Sung Kyun Kwan Scandal that was being sold to a few countries, the royalties that he received is about RM 20 million. It (SKKS) was recognised as the most favorited television drama.

His fans in Japan giving positive response towards the drama, in the same time making Yoochun received some amount of payment through the sales of the DVD.

He received RM951, 000 for each drama episode, while RM380,000 more received from the overseas sales that make Yoochun as a celebrity with earnings that reached RM63 million.

Not only acting, Yoochun that was being nominated as The Most Popular Asian Artist also sung the theme song for the drama that achieved various recognition on online charts.

They also produced an album that sold more than 410,000 copies, besides collecting total amount of 780,000 copies for few popular singles in Japan.

In 2010, more than 1.2 million copies of album that been sold indirectly contributing to the high income of this lad.

In the mid 2009, Yoochun with two other members of TVXQ, Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu filed a lawsuit to SM Entertainment because of unfair contract.

The case is ongoing but the court allows them to actively participate in entertainment industry. On October 2010, they formed JYJ.

The blooming popularity makes the trio, especially Yoochun highly on demand among commercial agency in South Korea.

Throughout 2011, Yoochun individually received handsome contract as the ambassador for tea drinks product TiO, Nintendo Wii for commemoration of the launch for the latest edition of video game Zelda, Black Smith pizza chain and the latest, Ottogi ramen.

Along with JYJ, Yoochun starred in LG Optimus Q2 commercial and become the spokesperson for clothing brand NII, Penzal Q, shopping mall chain, Lotte Duty Free and cosmetic company Nature Republic.

Full name : Park Yoochun
Stage name: Yuchun or Micky Yoochun
Date of Birth: 4th June 1984
Sibling: Eldest, younger brother named Park Yoohwan
Serial TV Drama: Sungkyunkwan Scandal and Miss Ripley
Commercial film : tea drinks Tio, Black Smith Pizza, Nintendo Wii for latest edition Zelda and Ottogi ramen.
Individual achievement ( Acting) : Rookie Actor Award, Popularity Award, Best Couple Award in KBS Drama Awards 2010, The most popular actor award , 47th Baeksang Arts Awards (2011), Asian Popular Actor and Best Male Actor in Seoul International Drama Awards 2011.
Album (with JYJ): The Beginning[October 2011] pre-order 500,000 unis and In Heaven [September 2011] with pre-order amounting 300,000 units.

T/N: The article is translated as the way it is printed in the newspaper. There is some mistakes on Yoochun birth year by the writer. Yoochun birth year is actually 1986.

Source: Berita Harian
Scans + Trans: @JYJfamilyMY
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[GENERAL] 111231 Top Korean News Of 2011 – World Falls In Love With K-Pop

Freak weather and upheavals in Korea’s political landscape punctuated a year of uncertainties that ended with the death of North Korean leader Kim Jong-il just before Christmas. But Koreans also took pride in their burgeoning exports, not only of electronics and cars that are increasingly prized around the world but also of the pop music generated by leading talent factories, which cheered up listeners worldwide in gloomy times.

◆ Kim Jong-il Dies

North Korean leader Kim Jong-il died on a cold December day, according to the state media suffering a heart attack on his armored train while on his way to one of his on-the-spot guidance tours. Where that account is true or not, the fact remains that his undeniably dead body lies in state in Pyongyang, and his son Kim Jong-un (29) has been officially declared the new leader. North Korea’s regional neighbors are anxiously watching to see if he can establish his hold on power and wondering what it will mean for peace on the region and the fate of 24 million North Koreans.


◆ Software Tycoon Blows Korean Politics Wide Open

When software tycoon Ahn Cheol-soo said he was considering running for Seoul mayor in the Oct. 26 by-elections, he triggered a seismic shift in the political landscape as a solid majority expressed their support before he had even declared his candidacy. That revealed a widespread disaffection with the political establishment and a yearning for a fresh approach. Ahn ceded his mayoral bid to lawyer-turned-civic-activist Park Won-soon, whose victory many attribute to Ahn’s support. Ahn is now being touted as a possible presidential contender.

Both ruling and opposition lawmakers admitted they were stymied by voter distrust. The results of the general and presidential elections next year are expected to lead to the biggest changes in Korean politics since the introduction of direct elections for president back in 1987.


◆ Korea Ratifies FTAs with EU and U.S.

The ruling Grand National Party railroaded through the Korea-U.S. free trade agreement at the National Assembly on Nov. 22 despite strong protests from opposition parties, four years and five months after it was signed by both sides. The U.S. Senate and House of Representatives passed the FTA in late October. As a result, Korea became the first Asian country to forge FTA deals with both the EU and U.S., while paving the way for tariff-free trade with countries that account for 60 percent of the world’s GDP. The FTA with Washington will go into effect early next year, but opposition parties are still calling for it to be renegotiated.


◆ Korea Becomes World’s No. 7 Exporter

Korea’s annual trade volume surpassed US$1 trillion on Dec. 5. Exports totaled $515.6 billion, while imports amounted to $486 billion. Korea became the ninth country in the world to achieve that feat. Korea’s exports totaled just $19 million back in 1948, half the level of Kenya and Cameroon and ranked 100th in the world. But in six decades on, Korea became the world’s seventh-largest exporter.


◆ Pyeongchang Finally Wins Bid to Host Winter Olympics

Millions of Koreans sat in front of their TV sets at midnight on July 7 when International Olympic Committee Chairman Jacques Rogge declared Pyeongchang the winner to host the 2018 Winter Olympics. Pyeongchang had tasted defeat twice before in its bids for the 2010 and 2014 games, when it lost to Vancouver and Sochi. But this time, Pyeongchang comfortably beat Munich and Annecy, garnering 63 out of 95 votes.

Korea becomes the fifth country in the world to host both the summer and winter Olympics, the football World Cup, the World Championships in Athletics and the Formula 1 race. The others are France, Italy, Germany and Japan.


◆ World Falls in Love with K-Pop

K-pop was the top Korean entertainment product to sweep the world this year. Manufactured bands are continuing the Korean Wave triggered by the popularity of soap operas such as “Winter Sonata” and “Jewel in the Palace,” and drew legions of fans not only in Japan, China and other parts of Asia, but also in Europe, the Middle East, the U.S. and Latin America.

Girls’ Generation, Kara, 2PM, SHINee, 2NE1, Big Bang, Super Junior, TVXQ and JYJ held concert tours around the world and swept through their album chart rankings. Fans in the U.S., Europe and Latin America even took to the streets demanding K-pop concerts in their countries.


◆ Record Rainfall in Seoul

Korea was drenched with record precipitation in July with many regions experiencing between 100 to 200 mm of rainfall that lasted for days, triggering mudslides and other damage. It was the largest amount of rain in Korea in a century. Heavy rains on July 27 in particular submerged many parts of Seoul and triggered a mudslide on a mountain in an affluent southern suburb of the capital. The downpours left 71 people dead across the country.


Source: The Cholsunilbo
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[NEWS] 111216 K-Pop Has Special Appeal

It’s been described as catchy. It may want to make you dance. You may want to learn Korean so you can sing along. It’s the music known as K-pop.

“I started liking Korean music probably in about 2007. I remember being a senior in high school and listening to Korean music on my MP3 player and watching music videos on my computer,” Ana Maria Vargas, a TAMIU senior, said.

What is K-pop?

K-pop started in South Korea in the 1990s, some popular bands are MBLAQ, Super Junior, TVXQ and 2PM.

“I didn’t discover Korean music on my own, though; my best friend was the one who introduced it to me. I don’t remember how she started liking it, but I’m pretty sure that it was by clicking around on YouTube,” Vargas said.
Vargas became interested in Korean music about five years ago.

“I started liking Korean music probably in about 2007. I remember being a senior in high school and listening to Korean music on my MP3 player and watching music videos on my computer,” Vargas explained.

She said there is much more to like than just the music.

“It’s not so much only about the music. Don’t get me wrong; the music is pretty awesome and fun to listen to. For me, it also has to do with the people in the bands. The guys and the girls in K-pop are very talented and are amazing when they perform live. The five-member group DBSK, for example, has many live, acapella performances that can’t be beat. It shows that they can sing and don’t have to dance or rely on their looks to succeed,” Vargas said.

Vargas said she also likes music from other parts of Asia.

“Actually, I also enjoy listening to Japanese rock and some Taiwanese pop. I think with Korean pop, though, there is something that suits everyone’s taste. No two Korean pop songs sound alike,” she said.

She likes two K-pop bands in particular.
DBSK and JYJ. What I like about them is their voices, their dance abilities, their chemistry when they’re all together and YOOCHUN! (a member of JYJ)!” she said.

Vargas explained why K-pop is important to her.

“Honestly, I think K-pop (and other Asian music) pretty much changed my life. It has changed the way that I view things now. I feel that there are so many things in this world that I’ve been missing out on and things that I haven’t seen. I mean, I only discovered K-pop about four years ago and immediately loved it. It makes me wonder what other amazing things I’ve been missing out on.

“I’ve also been able to meet really amazing people through K-pop. Some are here in Laredo; others I’ve met online. So, if I hadn’t started liking K-pop, I wouldn’t have met any of them. Maybe it doesn’t seem like meeting new people and liking a certain type of music is related, but it’s rare to find people who also like K-pop locally. So, when I find a person who likes K-pop (or other types of Asian music), I immediately feel a connection with them,” Vargas added.

Elizabeth Vasquez a VMT senior Visual Arts student, started liking K-pop in the 11th grade.

“What I like about K-pop is the electro music, the different types, the language, the guys and their dance moves,” she said with a huge smile.

Vasquez said she likes J-Rock, K-pop and other types in the genre.

“My favorite would be Super Junior because they are members who bring on a show and have awesome dance moves and are members who think each other as brothers,” Vasquez said.

She said there is more to like than just the music.
“Why do ike it? Because I love their language and music videos and Korean people,” she said.

Krystal Cisneros, a sophomore dance student, said her friend Anna Moreno introduced it to her.

She likes K-pop because of “The way the beat sounds but they care more about the lyrics,” Cisneros said.

Cisneros explained why K-pop is for her.

“Because the music from America isn’t really that good and they don’t try to say what’s in their heart. Here in America we try to rap and make things sound cool and it’s really annoying,” she said.

One K-pop band stands out for her.

“My favorite K-pop band is Super Junior because I love the way their songs are, and I love the sound and they talk about things that are so true. For example, love complications and (they) make it sound so fun to dance to,” she said.

Cisneros added, “I like K-pop because it really gets addicting and I get into it. I really love it.”

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