[Fan Project] “Let’s get JYJ on the Ellen Show”

Dear JYJ Fans.

A time ago fans from USA (@USAlovesJYJ) started a petition to bring JYJ on Ellen, just to see JYJ on their own TV.
The petition brought us to a bigger project. A project that can make our voice heard directly by Ellen herself.
I think that its time that we work together as one and show everyone how popular JYJ is. And if people don’t bring them on TV
in their own hometown then we will bring them on TV in the USA! So here is the project.

Every Saturday (for a month long) we are going to tell Ellen who JYJ is. We are gonna send her the facts we always share.
So we usually write things like OMO Jaejoong tweeted, or cute picture, or ahh I’m listening to Empty now jump jump jumping in my room.
WE are going to change our tweets for only one day in to:

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