[GENERAL-NEWS] 120810 “K-Pop” To Be Registered In The Oxford English Dictionary


The word “K-pop” will be listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.

On August 10, Washington news radio broadcast WTOP announced that the word K-pop will be listed in the Oxford English Dictionary.

K-pop means Korean pop music and it has created a sensation not only in Asia but also in the Americas and Europe.

Billboard created a K-pop chart and releases rankings every week. SISTAR drew a lot of attention by being the first K-pop group to rank first on the Billboard K-pop chart for four weeks in a row.

Popular K-pop groups, including JYJ and B2ST, promote K-pop by touring the world, the popularity of K-pop will last for years to come.

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[NEWS-GENERAL] 120803 KBS And BBC To Co-Produce K-Pop Concert And Documentary


KBS (Korean Broadcasting System) and the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) have decided to join forces for the creation of two K-pop projects.

A representative of KBS stated on August 3rd KST, “The president of KBS, Kim In Kyu, met with the current director general of the BBC, Mark Thompson, and soon-to-be director, George Entwistle. He received an offer to hold a K-pop concert co-hosted by KBS and BBC, to which he suggested the co-production of a high-quality K-pop documentary.”

Kim In Kyu, Thompson, and Entwistle have all agreed to co-create the K-pop concert and documentary, and are currently making plans to make the projects a reality.

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[TRANS] 120605 Jung Sunhee spazzing to a reporter from Metro News about Yoochun on “A Night Like Tonight”

[Radio Show segment]

Reporter: The strongest feeling that I got from meeting Yoochun is that his face was really small, but the contours of his shoulders were really nice.

Sunhee: When Park Yoochun used to do activities as Micky Yoochun, I was kissed on the cheek by him during an episode on Golden Fishery. My whole face was glowing the whole week because I was so happy. I didn’t even need botox! It must’ve been God’s grace.

Reporter: He’s really charismatic, especially since Park Yoochun likes older women.

Sunhee: You can’t say that. It’ll be hard for me… (changes subject) His personality is really frank, and, how to put it, he has a sense for variety shows.

Reporter: Yeah yeah!

Sunhee: He’s pretty hilarious.

Reporter: I asked him and he said he’s not usually humorous, but he did great in his latest comedic drama. He said there’s probably once or twice a year where he really wants to become funnier.

Sunhee: In “SungKyunKwan Scandal”, the last part was really amusing!

Reporter: He has a natural… talent of some sorts.

Sunhee: Exactly, one look and you feel like he’s a celebrity. There are lots of people who don’t have that kind of “feel”, but he’s one of them who does. Aren’t there celebrities who are really popular? To me, they’re just average. But Yoochun makes people have that conviction that he’s a natural-born star. The feeling is totally different.

Reporter: Of course it’s different. He sings well, he dances well, and he produces and composes music and lyrics well. He even acts well.

Sunhee: So what do you think he has that others could compare to? I’m talking looks, not personality.

Reporter: Big head.

Sunhee: Big head… Lee Won Jong (movie actor) would beat him (laughs).

Reporter: There really isn’t anything. It’s so hard to come across somebody like him.

Sunhee: There really isn’t!

Reporter: He makes people so envious of him.


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[NEWS] 120405 Park Yoo Chun’s Acting Earns High Praise from Famed Scriptwriter

Park Yoo Chun’s acting is continuing to earn the respect of industry officials. Just two weeks after hearing praising remarks from the head of SBS drama department, Park Yoo Chun’s acting was lauded by the famed scriptwriter Jo Jin Gook, whose previous works include MBC sitcoms “Soulmate” and “Hello Franceska.”

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