[GENERAL] 120227 Oricon Charts President: “Too Many K-Pop Artists Rushing To Japanese Market”


Koike Koh, the CEO of Japan’s Oricon Charts, made an important comment regarding the influx of Korean artists into Japan. He stated, “The metabolism of Korean artists and music seems too fast for Japanese market. Japanese fans might get tired of them since way too many of them are rushing to enter the market. This might negatively effect Hallyu, the Korean wave.” 

Oricon Charts is considered the ultimate measure of success in Japan for many Korean artists. Oricon started compiling daily, weekly, and monthly charts based on sales records of approximately 26,000 music record stores all over Japan. Oricon charts’ influence and credibility measure up to that of the U.S.’s Billboard Charts. Oricon Charts is well known to Koreans as many K-pop artists like BoA, Jang Geun Suk, Kara, and Girls’ Generation have been ranked high on them.

Koike Koh visited Korea to partake in Gaon Charts K-Pop Awards. When asked about the future of K-pop in Japan, he pointed out that K-pop might have some roadblocks ahead. He commented, “For now, the feminine looks and images of Girls’ Generation and Kara are attracting many fans, but this is a very limited side of K-pop. Korean artists need to be more diversified to continue their success in Japan. Japanese fans expect something new that these artists have never shown before, not even in Korea. Recently, many Korean artists are staying in Japan only for a short period of time, remaining within the metropolitan areas. While this is working for now, this may pose as a roadblock in the future of K-pop in gaining more wide ranged popularity within Japan.” 

Koh added, “For Korean artists to continue their success, the roles of leading Hallyu figures like TVXQ, Girls’ Generation, and Kara are very important. They have had huge success in Japan. But once their popularity and impact start to diminish, so will K-pop in general. Then people will see Hallyu as a temporary phenomenon.”

However, Koh was not entirely pessimistic about K-Pop. He highly valued the strategic preparation of K-pop and Korean artists and their strong fan base. He pointed out, “When you look at the Korean artists who’s made it to the top of Oricon charts, they have great musical talent and very unique visual concepts that have been strategically prepared for. Most of their songs were ranked highly on Oricon charts almost instantly after their releases. Also, many fans were previously aware of these artists through the Internet before they made their official Japanese debuts. Therefore, these artists gain a very solid fan base upon their debut.” 

Koh also talked about the recent anti-Hallyu movement, which led to the cancellation of Kim Tae Hee’s Tokyo CF promotion. He dismissed this anti-Hallyu movement as a phenomenon restricted to a very small population. He said, “In my opinion, Kim Tae Hee and her agency overreacted in this case. The anti-Hallyu movement is not a major thing at all. Most Japanese people view Korean artists and entertainment very favorably. They enjoy K-Pop and K-Drama very much. Korean artists should not pay much attention to the distorted and disturbing opinions of the few.”

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[REVIEW] 111229 Seoulbeats’ Best Albums Of 2011: JYJ’s ‘In Heaven’!

Note: Seoulbeats writers reviewed their picks for the best and worst albums of 2011. We are only posting the portion that mentions JYJ. To see their other picks for the best albums of 2011 as well as their picks for the worst, please visit Seoulbeats.

In Heaven won second place in the official album poll, which kind of blows my mind because JYJ fans are notorious for making sure that JYJ wins every web poll that’s ever been created. Or maybe that just applies to Jaejoong fans. Who knows.

Snark aside, however, In Heaven was probably one of the strongest albums I’ve encountered this year, and I’m not just saying that because 2011 was a weak year for full-length album releases as a whole. For starters, every song on the 10-track album was composed by one or more of the JYJ members themselves, which is a rare and impressive occurrence amongst most mainstream K-pop artists. Half of the tracks on In Heaven were previously released via JYJ’s Music Essay minialbum in January of this year, but they were remastered for the In Heaven rerelease. But in my opinion, the most impressive tracks on this album were those not previously included on the Music Essay minialbum. “Boy’s Letter” starts out as a relatively unassuming track, but it’s an extremely strong ballad that boasts an elegantly composed melody and a well-structured climax. “You’re” is a punchy but nonetheless smooth midtempo song that features some great vocal coordination between the three members. “Get Out” is a powerful dance track that’s both amplified and softened by the members’ voices. And, of course, “In Heaven” is the crown jewel of the album: overdramatic, but beautifully so.

JYJ is often accused of being repetitive and unoriginal with their musical style, and after listening to In Heaven, I’m beginning to understand this claim. As composers, the JYJ members are fond of certain sounds and beats, and they use these same sounds and beats over and over in their music. This, combined with consistency in personal compositional style, can cause JYJ’s music to come across as being repetitive or unoriginal. Now, I’m a person who generally likes JYJ’s musical style, so this so-called repetitiveness is far from a problematic issue for me. But even as a fan of JYJ’s style, I think it’d be wise for JYJ to consider collaborating with other composers for their future releases, just to keep things fresh. But of course, this might all be easier said than done, especially considering the amount of legal red tape JYJ has to deal with in order to merely exist in the Korean entertainment sphere.

I really wish the best for JYJ and I hope they succeed, moreso than any other group — not only because they are talented musicians, but because by producing such consistently high-quality work such as In Heaven without the help of a giant entertainment company, JYJ is showing that they have the power to enact change within the K-pop industry for good. But until that day comes, I’m content with JYJ so long as they continue to make good music.

– Patricia

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[NEWS] 111216 K-Pop Has Special Appeal

It’s been described as catchy. It may want to make you dance. You may want to learn Korean so you can sing along. It’s the music known as K-pop.

“I started liking Korean music probably in about 2007. I remember being a senior in high school and listening to Korean music on my MP3 player and watching music videos on my computer,” Ana Maria Vargas, a TAMIU senior, said.

What is K-pop?

K-pop started in South Korea in the 1990s, some popular bands are MBLAQ, Super Junior, TVXQ and 2PM.

“I didn’t discover Korean music on my own, though; my best friend was the one who introduced it to me. I don’t remember how she started liking it, but I’m pretty sure that it was by clicking around on YouTube,” Vargas said.
Vargas became interested in Korean music about five years ago.

“I started liking Korean music probably in about 2007. I remember being a senior in high school and listening to Korean music on my MP3 player and watching music videos on my computer,” Vargas explained.

She said there is much more to like than just the music.

“It’s not so much only about the music. Don’t get me wrong; the music is pretty awesome and fun to listen to. For me, it also has to do with the people in the bands. The guys and the girls in K-pop are very talented and are amazing when they perform live. The five-member group DBSK, for example, has many live, acapella performances that can’t be beat. It shows that they can sing and don’t have to dance or rely on their looks to succeed,” Vargas said.

Vargas said she also likes music from other parts of Asia.

“Actually, I also enjoy listening to Japanese rock and some Taiwanese pop. I think with Korean pop, though, there is something that suits everyone’s taste. No two Korean pop songs sound alike,” she said.

She likes two K-pop bands in particular.
DBSK and JYJ. What I like about them is their voices, their dance abilities, their chemistry when they’re all together and YOOCHUN! (a member of JYJ)!” she said.

Vargas explained why K-pop is important to her.

“Honestly, I think K-pop (and other Asian music) pretty much changed my life. It has changed the way that I view things now. I feel that there are so many things in this world that I’ve been missing out on and things that I haven’t seen. I mean, I only discovered K-pop about four years ago and immediately loved it. It makes me wonder what other amazing things I’ve been missing out on.

“I’ve also been able to meet really amazing people through K-pop. Some are here in Laredo; others I’ve met online. So, if I hadn’t started liking K-pop, I wouldn’t have met any of them. Maybe it doesn’t seem like meeting new people and liking a certain type of music is related, but it’s rare to find people who also like K-pop locally. So, when I find a person who likes K-pop (or other types of Asian music), I immediately feel a connection with them,” Vargas added.

Elizabeth Vasquez a VMT senior Visual Arts student, started liking K-pop in the 11th grade.

“What I like about K-pop is the electro music, the different types, the language, the guys and their dance moves,” she said with a huge smile.

Vasquez said she likes J-Rock, K-pop and other types in the genre.

“My favorite would be Super Junior because they are members who bring on a show and have awesome dance moves and are members who think each other as brothers,” Vasquez said.

She said there is more to like than just the music.
“Why do ike it? Because I love their language and music videos and Korean people,” she said.

Krystal Cisneros, a sophomore dance student, said her friend Anna Moreno introduced it to her.

She likes K-pop because of “The way the beat sounds but they care more about the lyrics,” Cisneros said.

Cisneros explained why K-pop is for her.

“Because the music from America isn’t really that good and they don’t try to say what’s in their heart. Here in America we try to rap and make things sound cool and it’s really annoying,” she said.

One K-pop band stands out for her.

“My favorite K-pop band is Super Junior because I love the way their songs are, and I love the sound and they talk about things that are so true. For example, love complications and (they) make it sound so fun to dance to,” she said.

Cisneros added, “I like K-pop because it really gets addicting and I get into it. I really love it.”

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[OPINION] 111105 Anti Fans And Their Power In The Music Industry

[Opinion] Anti Fans and Their Power in the Music Industry

I remember that one of the things that caught my curiosity while falling into the arms of K-Pop was the idols and their anti-fans. I started reading story after story and when I read about DBSK‘s Yunho and the incident of the juice with glue in it, I asked myself, “Why do these people have so much power over the artists they hate?” It is something that up to this day I don’t understand clearly.

First, these people waste time hating K-Pop groups without even having a reasonable argument for that. Secondly, they elaborate plans, websites, manipulate pictures and even gather in groups secretly, to attack the person they hate when their anger towards said artist grows even more. I have seen plenty of websites and even groups on Facebook or Twitter, recalling “Anti SNSD”, “Anti 2NE1”, “Anti Kim Hyun Joong” and even “Anti DBSK”.

Why does this happen? Why so much anger towards a group or person? Just because a group does really well in the industry, it doesn’t mean that you have to hate it and become part of some sort of evil sect to attempt or to even destroy it. Sometimes, fans themselves create these evil monsters. I have read comments in which people get actually sick of X or Y artist just because of their fandom.

These little antis, can be divided in three categories. The first category is the “regular anti.” These anti-fans just comment or say they don’t like certain groups and that’s all. Their intention is to actually hurt the group’s fandom and not to hurt the artist itself. The second category is the “stalker or sasaeng anti-fan.” Here, some fans of a group are actually sasaengs without even hating the group, but why are they considered antis? Because they stalk their artist and cross the limits of a person’s privacy.

There have been cases in which stalkers follow an artist every single day. They spend too much time following them around, getting information of their schedule, and also there have been cases in which they trespass illegally into their dorms, as it happened to JYJ, or writing on their dorm’s walls such it happened on BEAST‘s dorm and Yoseob himself had to clean up the walls, or the case of Super Junior‘s Yesung who caught a fan writing on their dorm’s wall and had to tell her to stop.

[Yoseob cleaning BEAST’s dorm wall]

Also, this category of stalkers, tend to check out their idol’s garbage. Some of them are so extreme that they get their idol’s phone number and call them several times at day. This last case happened to DBSK‘s Yunho and it was so stressful that he had to change his number. When he did, the same fan who was calling him non-stop obtained his new number in just five minutes and argued: “Why did you change your number?, that’s not good for you” and hung up.

Some of them, post very disgusting pictures declaring their obsessive love towards their idol without even realizing that it actually is a very sick kind of way to declare their love. One of these crazy girls actually wrote a love letter with the blood from her menstruation, and to prove that it was real, she even sent her panties. This happened to 2PM‘s Taecyeon. Other idols who have received bloody letters are, MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon, FT Island‘s Lee Hongki, Big Bang‘s Taeyang and G-Dragon.

[Taecyeon’s disgusting love letter]

[Love letter to Lee Joon: ” Lee Chang sun (Lee Joon’s real name) don’t forget about me. You are everything to me. I love you. Remember that. Soojin”]

[3rd victim of the bloody letters: Lee Hongki. “Lee Hongki, do you know that i love you right?”]

[Letter addressed to Taeyang, scary uh?]

[The last victim of the letters, G-Dragon]

Some others stalkers follow the idol 24/7 and even videotape them. Honestly, the following video made me feel uncomfortable even to watch, in the case of SHINee‘s Jonghyun. He was feeling really awkward, surrounded and being videotaped when he clearly asked them to give him some space. 

When these kind of fans break the boundaries imposed by the group’s manager, it gets until the point in which the manager has to react violently. This last happened when CN BLUE‘s manager got into a controversy for being accused of violence against a fan. A similar thing also happened to SHINee’s manager as he was recorded hitting the back of a fan’s head. Some of the group members looked surprised by the violent gesture.

[CNBlue’s manager incident]

[SHINee’s manager incident]

The third category is the dangerous one. These people are so full of nonsensical anger and hate that they actually attempt against the life of the idol they want to destroy. There have been really serious issues of attempting and almost killing an idol. I’m pretty sure that all Cassiopeias remember when Yunho got poisoned with a juice spiked with adhesive glue. After he drank it, he started vomiting blood and had a stomach washout done immediately. After the incident, he dropped all the charges against the person who caused that. Even Kim Heechul, who was really angry about the incident, got threats from Yunho’s antis so he had to stop tweeting about the issue.

This makes me wonder, why are they so afraid of these people? Why are they so afraid of filing charges against their attackers? Shouldn’t they be punished? These anti-fans have gained such a power in the music industry that they can decide or control a person’s destiny. Remember the issue of Jay Park who decided to leave 2PM due to his accusations of being anti-Korean despite the fact that he apologized for it and went back to Seattle? Or the case of Tablo and his Stanford issue in which people were demanding the truth from him? Isn’t that too much? 

They have acquired so much power and control over the artists they hate, that it is almost normal for the idols to have antis. They don’t even date and if they do, they date secretly in order to stay safe and away from stalkers and antis. When is this going to stop? Aren’t agencies supposed to do something against these people? To suffer harm from an anti-fan is not nice and we surely don’t want to see our beloved idols being hurt and suffering as it happened to Yoon Eun Hye when she got shot in her eyes by an anti-fan who was holding a water gun full of soy sauce and vinegar.

The latest case was of Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun who was threatened while being on vacation in Spain by, what SM Entertainment said, “strange guy” who had a knife in his hands. Kyuhyun reacted quickly and was able to run.

I honestly think that this anti-fan thing should stop. There’s no reason to harm another person or to make them impossible to lead a normal life. They already have too many things and schedules to deal with so I think there’s no need of another living terror called “antis.”

Note: The content of this article represents views and policies solely of the writer, and in no way represents the editorial stance of Soompi.com or the whole editorial board.

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[OPINION] JYJ is too good for music show program degraded as exhibition show of company idols

4.5%(Music Bank, KBS), 7.3%(Music Center, MBC), 8.0% (InkiGayo, SBS) are viewing rates of music show from 3 major TV stations last week.

Stagnation of music show is not a matter of yesterday and today, but a consequence as a matter of course after all similar programs with only different titles have gone degraded as exhibition showcases of idol singers from entertainment companies.

[News article says: In contrast, viewing rate of I am a singer(MBC) program exceeded 15.1% rating. Now, we can safely say that music show programs which once were representative faces of 3 major TV stations become the least popular program under both categories of music and entertainment]

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[OPINION] Is Avex’s Matsuura Lying and Misleading the Public about JYJ?

Has avex (Japan) CEO Matsuura lost his mind?  Honestly, the question may be going through the minds of some ‘JYJ vs SM’-observers given a recent spate of translated tweets from the avex CEO.

According to translated reports and tweets from Matsuura, avex is actively seeking to block JYJ from giving a charity concert where all proceeds will go to the devastated victims of the Japanese earthquake/tsunami.

Who the hell purposely tries to stop a charity concert to benefit their own people? The answer to that question appears to be: a bunch of scared, spiteful, hateful execs who don’t want any competition for their own concert featuring artists owned by the company from which JYJ escaped and is currently suing.

Reportedly, there is an upcoming charity concert at which the SM-protected TVXQ2 (Jung and Shim) and others will perform in June.  JYJ putting on a massive concert and receiving positive press in Japan is a threat to avex, especially if JYJ happens to raise more money, or receive more press coverage for their concert.

So avex cannot allow JYJ to perform in Japan… at least not before June.

Rather than behaving like real men, putting aside their disputes and doing something positive — like what JYJ is doing — avex is apparently doing everything in their power to block/stop/sabotage any chance JYJ has to actually perform in Japan and raise money for the victims.

Matsuura is also getting a boatload of criticism from people tweeting him about this issue and has issued a few replies.  In one tweet, reportedly, he blamed their hateful blockage of JYJ’s charity concert on a contract, saying,
 “A contract is a difficult thing. We can’t just simply allow exceptions.”

[OPINION] The Implications of JYJ’s Struggle for Korea’s Youth and Social Justice

JYJ fandom in Korea has been notably expanded across different generations of the young and old. Here are some saved (from a few months back) comments of ahjumma fans who ranted about Hotel girls. It is rare to see a fandom like this, isn’t it? :

“I have been, ever since following JYJ situation, shocked to experience many young people of this generation. They don’t seem to comprehend at all which side they naturally belong to when facing conflict between individual and systemic power, all the while the powerful is building up tall wall to fortify their territory using all possible resources. Either they have no courage which takes to challenge any obstacles in their own lives or they take it for granted that somebody will open doors necessary to cross over the wall. They carelessly join in justifying the tyranny of the powerful.

It’s your task to participate in breaking the shell of existing cartel embedded within social system. Though contribution by each of you might be no greater than picking a single brick out of the whole gigantic wall, if all of you participate together, it will eventually collapse. Couldn’t you at least reflect: Why should indi musicians who want to pursue their own colors of music hang around with empty stomach? Why should a few giant management companies monopolize all the broadcasting and music market as much to distort the whole music scene? What you girls are doing is no better than fighting over the left over flakes from the feast table of invincible system you blindly support out of jealousy toward three young men.

I assure you that once you accomplish pulling down the wall, you will be rewarded by more varieties and affluence of cultural experiences. Try to approach the matter with objective attitude reflecting on fundamental issues. Instead of carrying out meaningless battle over internet, trouble your mind more about individual right and dignity of human beings. This is a battle prepared for everyone of your generation.

Your generation is accepting proposition of materialism and monopoly without any resistance. Stop being proud of cheap cultural practice offering tribute to companies through organized fan club or worshiping slave master’s speech of this kind. Throw away passive attitude approving tyranny or being appreciative whatever is given to you by giant idol management companies. Instead, please think about why gate key of all cultural industry is disposed exclusively at their hand.

My generation had visible enemies, the fight against which was straightforward in a way. I am sorry for leaving this kind of corrupted system to you. Our fight, in our generation, was against political power while yours, in your generation, is a fight against the power of gigantic capital. This child (P/N the writer of this post)is feeding herself on left over residues of the powerful while offering the rightful portions destined for everyone in your generation to the power of capital. Please open your eyes.“

“I agree. The privileged wanting to maintain their system is a problem, of course. On the other hand, young people, who blindly worship and approve of systemic social injustice represented by a top winner’s monopoly is a disaster in terms of this country’s future. They seem to care nothing but immediate gains of individual“

“I also second the opinion. Notions of young people in this generation is becoming more and more infected by capitalism. They don’t bother thinking about the problem of system, but only push it over as individual conflict“

“Perhaps, parents in our generation is responsible for it, by not caring enough about disposition and active principle but driven by undesirable fever of education to be distinguished for accomplishments, thus blocking discerning insight of mind“

“I agree about the fight with the power of capital. Our society is now run by and subjected to the power of money. If it goes on this way, most of us will end up being enclosed inside the boundary created by the powerful capital without even knowing it is a prison or being able to see or hear what we want. In a society without varieties, people can’t truly enjoy being human beings. That’s why we support JYJ who strive to live as dignified human beings“

“Yes, please open your eyes to the issues of individual‘s right and dignity. This is really a fight of your generation. If you don’t fight now, your generation of 10s and 20s will end up being worthless consumers of cultural capital“

“It is quite depressing to think that it’s not only those girls, but the whole society is following the same trend. Otherwise, how could people elect a person like MB for the president of this country?“

“It appears hopeless to put any realistic sense into the minds of these girls. They will probably realize only when they experience a real society, and regret how dangerous it was to absorb what was given to them without discerning criticism“

“I wish, for the future, a society in which common sense and principle are universally valued so that my own children, no matter which side they belong, the weak or the strong, can live with courage not to allow abuse of power. That’s why I encourage people to pay attentions to and think about the issue of JYJ and SM“

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