[REVIEW] 120831 Park Yoo Chun Is Voted The Most Popular Actor At The Seoul Drama Awards

A behind-the-scene story of SDA, by a Korea.com staff member

Korea.com has been voting in the People’s Choice of the Seoul Drama Awards since last year (2011). We attended the awards ceremony again this year. Thank you for supporting and showing interest in Korea.com and the Hallyu stars. Each one of your votes helped make the ceremony shine. Since K-pop and Hallyu culture have become popular all over the world, Korea.com will serve as a gateway to help fans gain access to cross-cultural communications and spread Hallyu.

The Seoul Drama Awards ceremony was held at the National Theater of Korea

On the first day of the SDA it rained a lot. The awards ceremony was held at the KBS Hall last year, but this year’s ceremony was held at the National Theater of Korea in Seoul. The N Seoul Tower, a popular tourist attraction, is located not far from the theater. 

Doesn’t it look familiar? Yes, it has appeared in several TV series.

It was amazing to see popular actors and entertainers from popular TV series in person. As a staff member, I was honored to have the chance to report from behind the scenes of this special ceremony.

This year’s MCs: Han Go Eun and Shin Hyun Joon

Nam Bo Ra and Yeo Jin Goo of MBC’s series The Moon Embracing The Sun

Park Yoo Chun, Han Ji Min, and Jung Yoo Mi of SBS’s series Rooftop Prince

Let’s go see where the ceremony was held. 

The stage is getting set for the ceremony.

(Soure: National Theater of Korea)

There were staff members around the stage to monitor the ceremony and to help the event run smoothly.

K-pop artists, including, MBLAQ, CNBlue, and 4minute, gave fantastic performances during the ceremony. Their breathtaking performances and passion were very impressive. Through their performances, it is easy to see the amazing power of K-pop. 

Park Yoo Chun won the triple crown at the ceremony.

Rooftop Prince received the Best Hallyu Drama Award

<Park Yoo Chun and Han Ji Min>

Through the ceremony, I could tell that lots of fans from all over the world love Korean TV series and culture. To repay your love, I hope Korean TV series and programs will get even better in the future.

In addition, I hope there will be more chances for cultural exchanging with various countries through global awards ceremonies like the Seoul Drama Awards.

We hope you’ll look forward to the Seoul Drama Awards in 2013.

Source: korea.com
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[REVIEW] 120415 Implicit Meaning of Rooftop Prince’s Costumes Design

Korean drama Rooftop Prince is based on murders in ancient and present times and time traveling as principal axis. Ancient Crown Princess and three courtiers bizarrely came to modern South Korea in order to investigate the death of Crown Princess. The spoiled rich kid of modern world fell into the sea, cousin did nothing to rescue him. Coincidentally, both persons look exactly the same!

In ancient world, the elder sister made younger sister injured to become Crown Princess because of jealousy. In modern world, sisters of different father and mother staged the plot of “Blissful Women” because of jealousy, where elder sister deliberately abandoned younger sister.

Because of too many plots occurred in episode 1 of Rooftop Prince which crisscross past and present, audience has to spend more concentration to understand the entangled fate of the past and present. But the comedy effect of episode 2 came into play, and the drama began to fall in live with the expectations of the audience, but the grand ending is more difficult to guess.

The 1st episode of Rooftop Prince buried a lot of foreshadowing hint, thus only after watching the grand final, then only the appropriate evaluation can be given. For example, the beginning of “49 Days” is not attractive, but in the later half, the layers of plot that are stacked begin to show effect, and the grand final not only surprising but also very touching.

Many people mistakenly thought that Rooftop Prince is a comedy drama runs wild. Rooftop Prince that looks like a comedy drama actually spent a lot of thoughts into the drama. From just the costume alone, there are implicit meaning.

Many time-traveling drama series is back in time from present to the past, where most of the time travelers have some knowledge or understanding about the past or ancient world. But Rooftop Prince does it inversely among time traveling drama. It’s forward in time from the past to present. Thus, in essence, it’s very different from other time traveling series! But there is a similarities, that’s time travelers want to go back to their original place and time.

The ancient Crown Prince and his tree courtiers also encounter the following problems after traveling from the past to preent:

  1. How to go back to their original era and place?
  2. How to adapt after coming to modern world from the technology-backward ancient world?

In the 2nd episode, Crown Prince and the three courtiers tried to return to their palace where they originally came from. But because the times are different, so although the place is the same, but still to no avail. This is a new idea which never presented in time traveling films before. Ancient people coming to modern world will definitely face with many difficulties, they’re sent to police station because of couldn’t adapt. The scene which seemingly funny and mischievous actually has many thoughts put into it, and with just costumes, there are many implicit meanings.

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Recently the issue of violence against a fangirl has emerged with much heat. The famous Hero-Jaejoong of TVXQ was caught inflicting verbal/physical offense, the proof recorded as a mp3 file and up online. However, there is a lot more to this issue than what was disclosed in the media. The Korean fans had known all along that someday, there would be hell to pay because of the PRIVATES. Who are the PRIVATES? Just keep reading and you’ll find out.

Below is the original version of the recording.

“Dispatch,” the broadcast company that published this recording, purposely cut out certain parts of the recording to make it sound like Jaejoong constantly swore and inflicted physical offenses to a innocent fan girl. When in truth, this is not what had happened. NOT AT ALL.

Violence is not acceptable and inexcusable in any kind of situation, but in this case, one needs to understand the reasons behind this seemingly appalling act, and WHY this happened.


this will educate you about DBSK/TVXQ on a whole new level, since Asian fans did not bother to mention this aspect of TVXQ’s stardom when spreading news.

The crux of this issue is “who are PRIVATES?”

recorded at around September, 2009

*ignore grammatical mistakes, this was directly translated word by word. This is so that Jaejoong’s tone is conveyed with accuracy. (and he is drunk)

++* some people are misunderstanding this and doubting why it was only a “recording that was released.” I saw a comment saying “who knows it’s fake? why is it that the other fans there only had a recorder? not a cellphone or a video recorder?”

This is because THERE WAS NO OTHER PERSON THERE. the PRIVATE in question in this video recorded this secretly. Why? look below at the Changmin incident. They always record stuff and keep it as a “souvenir.” They are just mentally ill.

Occasion (to clear up confusion):

(from the media) Jaejoong was drinking with his friends and afterwards, he found the PRIVATES trailing him on the way home. Explosion.

*all translated swearwords are placed where they were originally said in Korean



following me around and contacting me…

it’s really fun for you guys…

really fun…

never really thinking about how much stressful it is for us

I’d rather become normal and live without any of this

Anywhere I go someone follows

anywhere I go someone calls me

Anywhere i go someone calls me and they’re like

where are you…you’re there right? always living and and running away in this anxiety

am i a convict? ha….i was in Japan for 4 days during my vacation. i was in Japan, because of you…because of you, huh? Fuck…it’s funny, right? funny?

if i come (to korea) fuck I have no freedom…do you think i’d be here this fucking…

i’d rather be in a jail and eat fucking bean rice (*what they give out it prison) and exercise. i’d rather go to military and live as a soldier fucking because of you guys…

fuck do I still need to be here (in korea)?

bitches like you….do you know how many of you there are? there are tenfolds, fucking taxi cab drivers need to make a living and take you guys and fucking follow me around…risking their lives and follow me around

even if its the red light…even if there’s a bunch of cars in front…they go into the opposite lane and drive in reverse and follow me around…

the fucking bastards who follow me for money and the fans who give them money to follow me…fuck because of the PRIVATES and the PRIVATE CABS follow me, do I have to go hide for the rest of my life? huh? huh? why am I like this, am I a convict? do I have to be in Korea because of you bitches? huh? you’re “PRIVATES” you bitches, fuck do I have to live like this? huh? huh? because of you? fuck after this fucking PRIVATE bitches will probably call on the police….you guys will call the police. No, it happened a lot until now. if they don’t they’re nice kids…they do this shit and after fucking call on the police. they say they feel like crap because I fucking shit at them. they ask for compensation those fucking PRIVATES….fuck how do you trust those PRIVATES. Do I have to cover up for those fucking bitches following me around? Bitches? do you know how many times I’ve had to hit you guys on the head like right now? I…in tenfolds…can’t even count it, go bitch, is this fun? oh it’s fun right? here, come here, come closer, is this fun? is this like a survival game? its fun right? fucking fun following me around. If i hit you guys on the head once, then you guys call on the police saying that you can’t go home again ’cause they’re swollen.

Bitches when i go around all day you’ll follow me and what, you guy’s call the police because you can’t go home? shit, why do you follow me? you’re saying that I can’t go home? you have that much time? Fucking Bitches I only sleep 3 hours a day, what for a week, you guys are saying stuff like, oh Jaejoong’s like vapor, how can he escape so well, you guy’s then call me and text me…it’s also posted on blogs constantly….I always read those blogs that you do…who went to the hair salon and when what time when Changmin did this and when Yunho did that…you guys know everything like fucking wizards

but the rest of you guys…why didn’t they know me? this vacation? why didn’t they know where I went? huh? Should I keep on hiding like this? Hiding is fucking retarded….but what are you guys who follow that around? Huh fucking bitch? As a singer could I ever get a girlfiend? for real? huh? do i have to check your blogs in hours and minute units when I move? huh? Am I the President? fuck you guys are just fucking hoes, at guys huh? you want to get attention from young idol members fucking bitches…all against the privacy of the singer you like and get on taxi cabs, do you have that much money? if you bought even one CD with that money…we would have gotten number one on the chart. fuck, in Japan, we worked for 5 years when we got that number one title and the second or first rank….even if they support so much from DNBN (dbsk fansite), if you guys had bought a fucking CD instead of following me around in taxi cabs we could have fucking went on the Oricon charts for what rank..you bitches always doing this shit with taxis, fuck do you know why I bought my car RA? I bought it to lose the taxis, I bought it to lose the taxis but I just couldn’t bitches there were too many taxis, those fucking taxis really just rolling over for money and follow me to the extreme, you guys spend that money to the extreme and follow me. and you guys are still greedy, with sleep, you guys pull an all-nighter all the time but say shit about us when we do. And when i get so fucking pissed and can’t contain myself, you say you can’t go home because your face is swollen and want compensation money and call the police bitches.

Are those fans? Shitting…bitches lets see if you fucking go to heaven you fucking bastards fuck…

you think I can like you?

fuck you guys do it like this and thats why we start liking the Japanese business bitches you know? When we do interviews about concerts, what “we like when (Korean) fans sing along during ballad songs”? and “we like the japanese cuz they listen well?” “that is the difference between Korea and Japan?” Fucking Bullshit.

I don’t want to humiliate Korea in Japan so that’s why I say i like that when you guys sing along during ballad songs

fucking always talking always following around always screaming

It’s because of you PRIVATES that we start liking the foreign fans more. Why do you think Japan and China’s like this right now. Its because they’re imitating you guys, the foreigners. are you happy now?

**Korean Fan culture included excessive screaming until the late 2009, when the Cassiopeas changed the official support chant into “quiet during ballads, official/organized chant during dance songs.”

**This recording was done by a Private

Private= are not considered fans. they follow around and kill the privacy of idols. A lot of idols have privates but FT island, Big Bang, and TVXQ is known to have the worse. Especially TVXQ Privates have invented a new method of stalking called the PRIVATE TAXI CABS, in which they pay average $800 to follow TVXQ around. EVERYWHERE.

**TVXQ currently has average 150 PRIVATES following them around.(per day). these include foreign privates from China, Japan, and reaaalllllyyyy the minority European, American fans

**All members of TVXQ have been subject to the crimes of PRIVATES for average 9-10 years. Korean laws can’t protect the star because most of these PRIVATES are underage and those who are not, work in more complicated ways (they’re rich for one, and have a background).



WHO (da fuck) ARE THEY.

1. What is a PRIVATE?

PRIVATE = a sasaeng fan (a “fan” that stalks the privacy of a star)


Someone who follows around/ stalk a star (especially an idol star), and watches every single movement with a emotion above a fan’s.

Most of these fans give up on their everyday lives, and follow around the star’s schedule.

These fans are STALKERS that violate the privacy of the star, consequently emerging as a social issue.

Below is from a documentary about “sasaengs”

(below is the translation for the internet postings above)

I’m sorry Yoochun………

I went to a PC bang (internet cafe)….

the ID I had with my name had too much fees due…

i borrowed…f..k..(*this private stole his social security number/ she isn’t the only one)

I really have to have an ID for this place……

and this place has the cheapest fees……..

and Mom’s didn’t work, Dad has his own…….

I couldn’t think of any other Social Security Number….

the ones I thought of….truthfully, your’s is the easiest….

sorry….Yoochun…(laughing sound)

I really needed it thou……f…..

I really needed it!! I’m sorry..I’ll log out afterwards…

What is this you bitch (laughing sound)

…Yoochun (laughing sound)


Agency PR:

“It’s a great stress. Even if we don’t disclose the schedule they always follow around. I don’t know how they know

Really, they’re like ghosts, they follow everywhere

Even the stars themselves know, so its a great stress.

That makes the stars become uncomfortable about going outside, so they stop going outside, they stop meeting other people

You can’t see them anything other than a necessary evil. They’re just a social issue.”

(image of Privates of WG asking for where WG lives)


“It’s an addiction. It gets worse. I have to come periodically. If I don’t I keep thinking.

If I don’t go, It’s weird, strange. and makes me want to go..”

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[REVIEW] 111229 Seoulbeats’ Best Albums Of 2011: JYJ’s ‘In Heaven’!

Note: Seoulbeats writers reviewed their picks for the best and worst albums of 2011. We are only posting the portion that mentions JYJ. To see their other picks for the best albums of 2011 as well as their picks for the worst, please visit Seoulbeats.

In Heaven won second place in the official album poll, which kind of blows my mind because JYJ fans are notorious for making sure that JYJ wins every web poll that’s ever been created. Or maybe that just applies to Jaejoong fans. Who knows.

Snark aside, however, In Heaven was probably one of the strongest albums I’ve encountered this year, and I’m not just saying that because 2011 was a weak year for full-length album releases as a whole. For starters, every song on the 10-track album was composed by one or more of the JYJ members themselves, which is a rare and impressive occurrence amongst most mainstream K-pop artists. Half of the tracks on In Heaven were previously released via JYJ’s Music Essay minialbum in January of this year, but they were remastered for the In Heaven rerelease. But in my opinion, the most impressive tracks on this album were those not previously included on the Music Essay minialbum. “Boy’s Letter” starts out as a relatively unassuming track, but it’s an extremely strong ballad that boasts an elegantly composed melody and a well-structured climax. “You’re” is a punchy but nonetheless smooth midtempo song that features some great vocal coordination between the three members. “Get Out” is a powerful dance track that’s both amplified and softened by the members’ voices. And, of course, “In Heaven” is the crown jewel of the album: overdramatic, but beautifully so.

JYJ is often accused of being repetitive and unoriginal with their musical style, and after listening to In Heaven, I’m beginning to understand this claim. As composers, the JYJ members are fond of certain sounds and beats, and they use these same sounds and beats over and over in their music. This, combined with consistency in personal compositional style, can cause JYJ’s music to come across as being repetitive or unoriginal. Now, I’m a person who generally likes JYJ’s musical style, so this so-called repetitiveness is far from a problematic issue for me. But even as a fan of JYJ’s style, I think it’d be wise for JYJ to consider collaborating with other composers for their future releases, just to keep things fresh. But of course, this might all be easier said than done, especially considering the amount of legal red tape JYJ has to deal with in order to merely exist in the Korean entertainment sphere.

I really wish the best for JYJ and I hope they succeed, moreso than any other group — not only because they are talented musicians, but because by producing such consistently high-quality work such as In Heaven without the help of a giant entertainment company, JYJ is showing that they have the power to enact change within the K-pop industry for good. But until that day comes, I’m content with JYJ so long as they continue to make good music.

– Patricia

Review taken from: Seoulbeats
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[REVIEW] JYJ ‘Get Out’ Music Video Review by Seoulbeats

Now this. This is a good music video.

Beautifully shot, beautifully choreographed, and more than anything, beautifully styled boys. In suits. Say all you want about suits being overdone and generic, but they’re overdone and generic for a reason.

Honestly, the formula to a successful music video isn’t that hard.  You don’t need an elaborate story line, or a mini KDrama angst fest. You also don’t need to have flashy lighting, slow-motion camera effects, dilapidated ancient Greek foregrounds, questionable CGI effects, or have your subjects painted as surreal demi-gods of some sort. Okay, we all know what I’m getting at. But after this good job of an MV, I can assure you all the “Ayy Girl” music video cracks will decrease significantly.

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[REVIEW] Music Critic Noh Junyoung’s Review on In Heaven

In fact, the epithet ‘idol’ is a double-edged sword. To someone, it could be a real ‘idol’, but to someone, it could be a subject to prejudice. The idol fever that swept the whole world traces back to the 80s. On August 1st 1981, the pop music world changed as a lot of idols with fine appearances started to pour out when MTV, a station that airs music videos for 24 hours, was founded. Of course they each had star qualities and singing abilities, but it was true that somehow their appearance attraced more attention. This kind of prejudice is still valid. In many cases, for an idol, people expect a lower level of musical ability. However, as a lot of talented idols showed up, the twisted attitude is slowly disappearing, and ‘TVXQ’ is one of the artists who contributed largely to this situation. All of the members produced high quality, classy music. Eventually they gripped the whole Asian markets, and also guided the idol groups to the right path. In a bigger picture, they created a new methodology for singers to benchmark.

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