[LINE UPDATE] 130313 JYJ Naver LINE Update: Yoochun’s Concept for Singles Korea Magazine April 2013 Issue is “Noir”!

“Noir” means “Black” in French (via @parksheena6004)


[TRANS] Is Jungwoo’s another filmography? Yoochun’s concept in Single’s magazine that will be released in April is Noir. We can’t open the photo before releasing the magazine. So we just show the photo’s feeling a bit!

[OTHER TRANS] [Official] Han Jung Woo’s another filmography? Yoochun’s concept for the April issue of Singles magazine is ‘Noir’. Prior to the public release of photos, I cannot disclose them, show you a glimpse only!



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[VIDEO + TRANS] 130310 JYJ Concert in Tokyo Dome 2013: Message from JYJ in Japanese Cinemas



JJ: Hello everyone,
JYJ: We’re JYJ.
JJ: For those people who couldn’t get to our live concert venue, we shall be doing a live telecast at the cinemas. Everyone, please come!
YC: Hai!
JJ: Please~
JS: Please~

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[VIDEO+TRANS] 130304 DATV – Yoo Seung Ho mentions Yoochun in his “Missing You” Interview

(11:24 to 12:08) Q: What was your impression of Yoon Eunhye and Park Yuchun?

YSH: Actually, I think it would be the same for anyone. I think they would feel very nervous. The impression you have first without meeting yet… I think you would feel very nervous. I felt like that too but when I actually met them, I just felt like he was a close hyung.
I really appreciated he asked me what I would like when rehearsing for the script. Eunhye noona was just like that too. Eunhye noona and Yuchun hyung said they already met a few times in the past when they were doing their singer activities so as both of them were close, I just included myself in and talked with them too.

(13:00 to 13:43) Q: What do you think of Yuchun as an actor?

YSH: Yuchun hyung looked very cool on set. Because you see, I think the ones who have to make the mood control on set are the actors and actresses. So thanks to Yuchun hyung’s presence, the set became brighter and the result became even better of course. Actually, since the staff is having such a hard time, if the actors and actresses play around first and make the mood entertaining, they can all forget their tireness and have a smooth filming. As I saw that, I thought I should learn all these too because I can’t do such things very well. So I really liked Yuchun hyung being like this and it made me want to learn very much such things too.

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[TRANS] Han Ji Min talked about Yuchun in Japanese magazine Crea-Star


1) You don’t get the feeling that Yuchun is young and that this is only his third drama. I thought that, together with him, we will be the driving power on-site, but in actual fact, I was the most dependent one. When the weather is cold, I will keep yelling that it’s cold, but I have never seen Yuchun do that.

2) Yuchun does not sleep much. Although I think it is probably because he grew up as an idol singer and is used to working through the night, but once his shoot is over, he lies down and immediately falls asleep, snoring away. (laughs)

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[TRANS] 130304 A Promotional Bus For JYJ Dominates The Streets Of Shibuya, Followed By ‘Automatic Shutter Clicks’


JYJ’s popularity has dominated the streets of Tokyo.

JYJ will be holding a total of three concerts from the 2nd till the 4th of next month at Tokyo Dome. This meaningful event will be their first Japanese concert in four years since their ‘Thanksgiving Live in Dome’ concert in June, 2010 and marks the successful end of their lawsuit against Avex, the agency that unilaterally terminated their contract with JYJ in September, 2010.

A video of a promotional bus for JYJ’s concert roaming the streets of Shibuya was recently posted on an online community site. The promotional bus, which shows an image of the three members of JYJ, as well as the date and location of their concert, can also be heard playing ‘IN HEAVEN’ from JYJ’s first Korean album.

In the video, the public can be seen whipping out their cameras and snapping a shot of the bus when it stops for a traffic light. Some people can be seen following the bus with their cameras even after the bus starts moving. Many people, regardless of gender and age, can be seen following the movement of JYJ’s promotional bus.

Netizens who saw the video left comments such as, “I can’t wait for JYJ’s Tokyo Dome concert! I hope it succeeds!”, “This heightens my anticipation for the concert,” and “JYJ’s popularity in Japan is amazing.”

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[TRANS] 130304 JYJ Sweat Profusely In Korea To Prepare For Their Concerts In China And Japan

JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun and Kim Junsu have swapped in their break, the first one they’ve had in a while, to sweat profusely and prepare for their overseas activities in China and Japan.


JYJ will be holding three concerts from the 2nd to the 4th of April at Tokyo Dome in Japan. The reason why the concert is so meaningful is that this is JYJ’s first official Japanese event in four years since their lawsuit against Avex began after the agency unilaterally cancelled their contract.

Because of this, Japanese fans have had to fly to Korea to watch JYJ perform for the past four years. JYJ have repeatedly expressed their sorrow about the fact they could not repay their Japanese fans for their endless support by visiting them in their own country. But now that things have wrapped up nicely, JYJ will be making a show-stopping comeback at Tokyo Dome, ‘the stage of dreams’.

Currently, the members are working harder than ever in Korea to prepare for their upcoming concert. Not only does Kim Jaejoong have the upcoming Tokyo Dome concert with his fellow members, but he will also be holding the third concert of his Asia Tour in Shanghai, China on the 17th of this month. This will be the third country he visits since Korea in January and Thailand in February, and the concert is expected to be an opportunity to showcase Kim Jaejoong’s new charm as a rocker. Because of this, Kim Jaejoong is busy preparing for JYJ’s concert and his own solo concert.

A representative of JYJ’s agency C-JeS Entertainment asked for support for JYJ as he stated to eNEWS on the 3rd that, “The members of JYJ are working harder than ever to ensure a great performance.”

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[TRANS] 130228 A Stranger Sleeping In JYJ’s Bedroom? It Turns Out He’s…


JYJ recently talked about a happening that showed member Kim Jaejoong’s warm-hearted side.

The recently released special magazine ‘The JYJ’ contains interviews in which the members talk about each other and how they are in their daily lives.

Kim Junsu especially drew attention for his story that showed Kim Jaejoong’s softer side. In an interview for ‘The JYJ’, Kim Junsu said, “When we were in Japan, I found a man I had never seen before sleeping in one of our beds,” and “I asked him who he was, and he said that (Kim) Jaejoong had seen him sadly drinking by himself at an izakaya, and ended up sharing a drink with him and giving him a place to sleep for the night.”

Kim Junsu also praised Kim Jaejoong as he added, “It sounds so surprising, but it’s something that Jaejoong does often,” and “Though he’s very careful and a perfectionist when it comes to his work, he’s an open person who thinks of everyone as his friend when he goes out drinking.”

‘The JYJ’ contains stories of the past 1000 days since JYJ made their debut. Interviews with the three members were conducted over a total of 25 hours and contain honest confessions from the members of the past 1000 days.

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