[NEWS] 130311 What does it take to become JYJ’s Japanese Agency?


JYJ, who is under progress to resume the group’s activities in Japan with its Tokyo Dome Concert in early April, explains certain conditions for its new Japanese partner.

“There’ve constantly been offers from companies in Japan since the lawsuit against AVEX was finished. Some suggest multibillion-won contract”, commented by a JYJ’s staff.

JYJ won the lawsuit against AVEX, its former Japanese management in JAN.
Tokyo District Court ordered AVEX to pay 660 million Yen (approx 7.8 billion Won) and not to insist on its exclusive right for JYJ’s management. Since JYJ’s activity became free to resume, the group has become the desirable artists by Japanese companies.

JYJ’s staff made clear the conditions to make new partnership in Japan – “The most important thing we consider is trust. We once had unilateral termination of contract by one-side, so it is really important for the group to have an agency who can be trusted for a long time”. “Also considering Japan’s entertainment industry’s characteristic, the scale and credibility acknowledged by the industry are also important consideration we are looking for, because it’s impossible to ignore agency’s influence over the industry”, the staff added.

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[INFO] JYJ to perform in China’s ZhenJiang Music Festival on April 29th


2013.04.29 Performers:

平安[anson?] = Anson Ping
熊宝贝 = Babybabes
好妹妹 = Good Sisters
尚雯婕 = Laure/Shang Wen-jie
宋冬野 = Song Donye
Otto Dix  (Russia)
JYJ (Korea)

JYJ3′s Note: JYJ is named on the list of performers, but it’s important to mention this information isn’t confirmed by C-jes yet.
Super Junior-M and EXO-M participated on this Festival last year (2012)

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[NEWS] 130306 JYJ Park Yoochun gets on the cover in the Apr issue of ‘Singles’ magazine


JYJ Park Yoochun is going to be on the cover in the Apr issue of ‘Singles’ magazine.

Park Yoochun was chosen to be the model of the cover in the Apr issue of ‘Singles’ magazine.

Junsu of JYJ has been on the cover of Singles in 2012. And the theme of the photos were very new and the number of photos were about 10. So that made the fans satisfied. This time fans are looking forward to Park’s theme of the photos. Especially because he has shown some new styles with shaved head. Also, the magazine will say about his plans after finishing drama ‘Miss you’. It will be issued at the end of Mar.

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[NEWS] 130307 JYJ’s LINE Friends Reached 580,000 in One Week, ‘Increase Physical Contact’


JYJ (Jaejoong, Yuchun, and Junsu) has increased physical contract with fans with a new SNS account.

On Feb 27, JYJ has opened an official account in LINE, a messenger app with more than 100 million people subscribers worldwide. In just one week since opening the official account, JYJ LINE account has 580,000 registered users as friends: 70,000 friends in their Korean account, 250,000 in their Japanese account, and 180,000 in their English account.

JYJ recently shared to fans worldwide a diverse range of content including photos from drama scene from movie, script reading, concert practice, autograph sessions as well as voice messages.

C-jes Entertainment official said, “The purpose of the existing official website and Facebook account are for spreading accurate information. LINE, on the other hand, they can post pictures or record a voice message to reach to fans more. Fans can also talk with them real time, including overseas fans whose numbers increased during JYJ’s world tour.”

JYJ said, “Recently we’re having fun discovering LINE’s functions. Voice messages and stickers can be sent. From now on, when we have overseas schedule, we’ll leave voice messages on Line’s overseas account.”

Meanwhile, to celebrate the opening of JYJ’s official LINE account, Kim Jaejoong, currently on his Asia tour, will be having a live chat which will be broadcasted on March 11.

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[NEWS] 130306 Turkey Fans to Launch JYJ Picture and Message into Space in TEB Capsule? ‘Carry JYJ’s Name to Eternity…’


Turkey fans of group JYJ will be sending a USB with the group’s picture and message into space.

On March 18, with the help of a sponsor, fans in Turkey will be sending off a message and picture of JYJ to space.

The fans released a YouTube video about this project as well as pictures of their space travel certificate.

The fans commented, “The capsule will release on March 18 into space. There is not a lot of information revealed online about this project, but it is a project that is sponsored by a bank in Turkey.”

Media later revealed that although it is true that they are sending off a picture and message, they will not be using a rocket but a custom made balloon. After the balloon reaches space, the objects will be floating in space. They plan to video tape the scene so that they may watch what is going on.

Although there is a big difference between a rocket and a balloon, fans are not concerned. Their main focus is to get these items to space.

Turkey officials commented, “The information revealed is true. JYJ fans in Turkey will be sending off a picture and message into space.”

The official continued, “JYJ is the most popular K-pop group in Turkey. Member Jaejoong was also invited to the Turkish presidents house as well, showing their immense popularity.”

Other artists also received similar presents from fans such as Super Junior Heechul, H.O.T Jang Woo Hyuk and Jang Nara, who received space or moon certificates as well.

On the other hand, JYJ performed at the President inauguration ceremony and was chosen to be ambassadors for many organizations.

Last year, JYJ ended their lawsuit with SM Entertainment after a 3 year and 4 month long case. Last month, they also finished their lawsuit with Japan agency AVEX. They will be holding their solo concert this April at the Tokyo Dome.

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[NEWS] JYJ′s Turkish Fans to Launch Pictures of JYJ Into Space

JYJ′s fans in Turkey will be sending JYJ to outer space.

As part of a large-scale photo exhibition project supported by a local bank, the fans will send up pictures and messages related to JYJ. They have released a YouTube video on the project, containing photos of a space travel certificate and information on the launch.

The materials will leave Earth on March 18.

Local fans told enews, “The rocket containing the capsule will take off on March 18. There isn′t much about the project online, but a Turkish bank will be supporting the project.”

Enews has received confirmation from the bank hosting the event that it is true the materials will be launched into outer space, but they will not be attached to a rocket; they will be attached to a special balloon in USBs and CDs. It plans to film how the materials spread out after the balloon exits the atmosphere, then send back the videos showing the spectacle.

A rep from the Korea Culture Service in Turkey also told enews, “We′ve received information on the event. Fans of JYJ in the country entered an event, and will be sending their messages with photos of JYJ into space.”


he rep added, “JYJ is the Korean group that has the biggest fan base in Turkey. Member Kim Jae Joong once was invited to a banquet by the President, and this contributed greatly to the spread and exchange of Korean culture in the country.”

This is the first time fans will be sending materials related to a Korean singer into outer space.

JYJ is currently preparing for its upcoming Tokyo Dome concert.

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